Who Usually Calls a Home Doctor in Sydney?

Sydney is one of the world’s most visited destinations. From July 2018 to June of 2019, for instance, there were over 16 million tourists who visited the city. Aside from the booming tourism, the capital of New South Wales is also progressive when it comes to their health care system. Sydney is known for its best medical care in the world. You can say the same for Australia as a country, although due to the landmass, it is not evenly distributed. For instance, in major cities like Sydney, you have 4.5 to 5 doctors for every 1,000 patients. In small towns, the number of doctors drops down to 3.5 per 1,000 population. 

Another health care feature in Sydney is the after-hours GP, which allows you to access a home doctor in Sydney through a 24/7 hotline. While most clinics close at 6 pm, you can still ask a physician to see you right in the comforts of your home.

Every Australian has heard about this practice, and, unfortunately, that not everyone is taking advantage of it. One problem could be the mistaken notion that it is more expensive than your standard consultation. However, after-hours GP is widely accepted by Medicare, which means you are likely going to pay the same fee as you would with a visit to the clinic. 

Who is Calling for a GP House Call?

Even if it’s not new, only a few Australians are calling for a home doctor in Sydney. The Australian Bureau of Statistics report suggests that only 7.2% of the population had ever tried a house call.

But who are they?

Here are some interesting facts regarding after-hours GP:

  1. Females are more likely to call than males at rates of 8.6% and 5.8%, respectively.
  2. Patients aged 15-64 years are twice more likely to call compared to patients aged 65 and older (8% and 3.9%).
  3. The rate (7.2%) of patients calling for home visits is actually the lowest in six years.
  4. People who are in poor health or those who are suffering from a chronic ailment or a lingering illness tend to have an after-hours GP on speed dial.
  5. Sydney residents are more likely to access this healthcare feature compared to areas located in remote regions or outside major urban areas.
  6. About 6 in 10 of patients have consulted with an after-hours GP for the first time. About  3 in 10 have accessed the service two or three times. Meanwhile, only 1 in 10 are considered as regulars.
  7. Patients themselves have called the helpline (52% of the calls), followed by their parents (38%), partners, or children.
  8. About 4 in 10 of the calls are concentrated in New South Wales, followed by Western Australian residents (22%), and Victorians represented 16% of the calls to after-hours GP services.

The after-hours GP is one of the novel healthcare solutions in Australia. Every household should have their hotline on the speed dial in case of emergencies. They do not have to wait for the doctor’s clinic to open up the next day to get the life-saving medical care.

Author Bio: Mark Henry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, he likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, he loves to spend his time with his family, explaining technologies to the elders.