Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from Bangkok

If you’re thinking about entering the jewelry business, or have already begun a startup company as a jewelry reseller, you may be looking for a trusted source of wholesale sterling silver jewelry. 

Karen Silver Design is a favorite and trusted source of wholesale jewelry for thousands of jewelry stores and resellers all over the world. They’ve been in business for over twenty years. They specialize in high-quality, handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry that is elegantly designed and features superior craftsmanship. 

They offer more than 10,000 designs in their collection, and each design can be created in their factory for quick delivery. They have price points that can ease your financial burden of keeping many styles of jewelry in stock. Their product price ranges from US $2.00 to US $60.00 per piece depending on the weight and design of the different pieces. 

Order Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

Order from their online catalog and website and have your order shipped directly to you anywhere in the world. They make it easy for startup jewelry stores and resellers by having low minimum orders and shipping costs. 

Karen Silver Design currently services some of the largest fashion jewelry retailers, chain stores and distributors in Europe and the USA. They are a reputable source for guaranteed deliveries of between 15 and 30 days to many countries and continents including Australia, Europe and the USA. They also offer an express delivery service of 3-4 days for items that are currently in stock.

The express delivery service is handled by UPS worldwide and is available to more than 190 countries around the globe. The express delivery service is ideal for rush shipments or high-value clients that need the products quickly. 

Choose from a Vast Range of Styles

Karen Silver Design are constantly at work designing new styles as fashions and tastes change in the jewelry industry. They make it easy for you to offer the latest styles and fashions in your reselling and distribution business. 

By consulting their online catalog frequently, you can be assured that every piece of jewelry offered to your customers is at the height of the current fashions within the jewelry industry.

Their wholesale sterling silver jewelry is one of their most popular lines of products, and the catalog is updated regularly as new designs are introduced. 

Establish a Reliable Partnership with Karen Silver Design

When you’re just starting out in the jewelry business, your suppliers are the most important partners you can have. Reliability is the key facet of building a jewelry business successfully. 

Karen Silver Design is an excellent partner to rely upon to keep you supplied with quality, wholesale sterling silver jewelry products you’ll be proud to offer to your clients or display in your showroom. 

Partner with the very best company that can make your startup business thrive from the moment you open your doors. Team up with Karen Silver Design; they’ll provide secure online ordering and fast delivery to anywhere in the world you happen to be located.