Why Are Letterman Jackets So Popular?

For ages, jackets have remained to be an amazing piece of outfit among most people. Besides, they’ve held a special place in the hearts of most people across the world, and this doesn’t exclude Americans. However, one jacket continues to become more and more popular—the letterman jacket or varsity jacket. 

Many fashion styles come and go. However, this is not the case with letterman jackets. These jackets have never gone out of fashion since their inception. Traditionally, letterman jackets came with a boiled wool body, as well as a banded wrist and wristband. Besides, these jackets have an initial or logo of the respective university embedded on the left chest.

Previously, letterman jackets were popular among high school and college students. However, that’s something of the past now, as the obsession of varsity jackets isn’t limited to high school students alone. Today, you shouldn’t be surprised to find fashion icons—both male and female wearing this iconic outfit. This shows how the varsity jacket continues to grow in popularity among the Americans. 

With this, comes one question—why are letterman jackets so popular? And, why do the Americans love this outfit?

Here’s the answer

The reason why letterman jackets are popular is that their roots are firmly embedded in American culture. Someone once said, “Varsity jackets have an emotional connection with the Americans.”

The popularity of letterman jackets, such as letterman jackets by VarsityBase has spread from the United States to the rest of the world. Moreover, they are no longer a thing for athletes only. Anyone can wear a varsity jacket today. Besides, these jackets were previously designed for male athletes, but today, ladies do wear these jackets too.

Today’s varsity jackets have become an outfit for almost every other occasion. That means, you can wear your jacket in class, when going out with your friends, or even in the office. Besides, you can wear it when attending your favorite baseball or football game.

In case of an urgent event, it’s important to showcase your style when choosing the clothes to wear. However, having a varsity jacket in your wardrobe can make things easier for you, as this outfit can assist you in completing your casual appearance.  

Today, there are numerous reasons why varsity jackets have become so popular. With that, we shall highlight the top 4 reasons for this.

They are the ideal outfit for any sporting event

One of the primary reasons why varsity jackets have retained their popularity is because they are sportswear. Most high schools and colleges in the United States normally give varsity jackets to students who participate in different sports. 

The design and style of the letterman jackets usually give the students an amazing look of elite sportsmen. And this has been one of the reasons why most people purchase these jackets, even when they are not participating in sports. 

They have an attractive style and design

Today’s varsity jackets come in different styles and designs. That means you are not limited to one style and design of this attire. In addition to this, almost everyone, regardless of their gender and age, can wear varsity jackets. That’s the reason why most people love this outfit since it will make them look stylish.

They are still used as part of school uniform

Almost every high school and college in the US has adopted the use of letterman jackets. Most students feel that they have an inspiring appearance whenever they put on a varsity jacket associated with their college or high school. While these jackets are associated with sports, most students still wear them, regardless of whether they are in the school team or not. 

They are comfortable to wear

Unlike other jackets, letterman jackets are light to wear—meaning you don’t won’t feel worn out at the end of the day after wearing a varsity jacket. In addition to being lightweight, they are very soft and comfortable to wear. That’s the reason why most people still love wearing them, and they can put on this attire for an extended period of time. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a letterman jacket the first time or you are a seasoned wearer, varsity jackets are not bound to go out of fashion anytime soon. Besides, letterman jackets are very versatile, meaning you can wear one on numerous occasions. So, you are missing out on a lot of things if you don’t own a letterman jacket.