Why do You Need to Buy Prescription Sunglasses At Designer Optics?

Prescription sunglasses have been receiving quite the hype lately. Everyone has been switching to these prescription sunglasses from their old simple sunglasses and prescription glasses. Most of us have liked them a lot, but are they actually worth it, and what about their price?

Well, they are actually protecting your eyes from harmful rays coming from the sun. They have the latest and high-quality lenses used in it. They are quite different from any other simple sunglasses and guarantee you protection from sunlight.  So, if you want them, buy Prescription sunglasses at Designer Optics.

Are they worth it?

Well, most of us don’t invest in sunglasses. They may think that it is a useless thing or the available options are not appealing to them. One thing for sure is that sunglasses do protect your eyes. There is a lot of difference between the eyes of people who use sunglasses and people who don’t. We do really need sunglasses, and we should wear them outside on a daily basis. And if you are not a contact or transition lenses person, then prescription glasses are a must option for you.

So, talking about protection from eye diseases and problems, prescription sunglasses are definitely worth the price. Although they are not that expensive, still investing in a useful thing is worth it. And you won’t regret spending it on it. 

Pros and Cons of Prescription Sunglasses

We know that everything comes with its pros and cons, and so does prescription sunglasses. You have heard about its pros, but what possible cons can it have? The cons of prescription sunglasses basically depend upon your eye-related needs; every one will give you different points of its advantages and disadvantages. But you should know your needs first and make the right decision for you.

  • Pros 

A regular sunglass comes with a specific type of transition lenses. These lenses are famous because they react to UV rays and darken accordingly when you step out on a sunny day.  It costs you additional money to add a transitional lens, and you cannot control how much this lens can darken. The transitioning is usually slow when you move from one place to another, i.e., from outside to inside and vice versa. But talking about prescription sunglasses, they will provide you more control than that when and where you want protection through your shades. They have more features than other transition lenses.

  • Cons 

You have to commit to them and use them every day.  And this is the real hassle, remembering to keep them with you. The everyday use will provide the actual benefit of these prescription sunglasses. Remembering to wear them can be a little difficult for ones who are used to wear contact lenses and regular sunglasses or regular sunglasses with transition lens. You need to develop a good habit of wearing them every day.

And another con that few of you might feel is that they can be expensive. Their price actually depends upon style, frame, brands, and lens quality. But you can find various options in your specific price range too. There are many options available that are not only good but are also available at very reasonable prices. 


No doubt, prescription sunglasses are worth buying. Every individual needs to buy one if they are facing problems concerning their eyesight. Although you can buy the best and nice prescription sunglasses from any nearby optical center and also online, we suggest you get your prescription sunglasses from Designer optics. No matter if you are nearsighted or not, these prescription sunglasses will work best for you. They have some of the best designs in the market, and the quality is too good that you are not going to regret it. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the best and gorgeous prescription sunglasses frames and get one for you from Designer Optics!