Why Going To Treatment Should Not Be Scary

Acceptance of your addiction is the first step towards recovery. The next is getting the treatment necessary to start your journey towards sobriety. This step seems like the most intimidating and scary part of the treatment of multiple people.

Today we break down your fears and tackle them by their root to explain why going to treatment should not be scary. Both inpatient and outpatient plans can help you in recovering from your problems effectively.

If you’re looking for plans such as residential inpatient in Los Angeles and get scared quickly, read through to understand why there’s nothing to be afraid of when going to treatment.

Solutions For Common Fears Amongst Addiction Treatment Patients

Addictive usage of substances can affect the rational thinking of the person. This includes overthinking, anxiety, fear and more which is instilled through the use of the substance.

This affects rational judgment when trying to understand the addiction problem. Additionally, it adds to the fears that one might have against receiving treatment and help for their addiction.

Here are some common fears that may scare you away from seeking treatment and what you can do to help eradicate those fears.

  1. Fear Of Withdrawal Symptoms

There is no hiding the fact that withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and can cause a lot of distress. This fear of being in pain often holds back the patient from seeking help in the first place.

While these symptoms may be painful and uncomfortable, getting help at a professional facility will help you in lessening the pain. Health professionals employ suitable techniques that will help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms effectively. They can assist in administering methods through which the process will be easier to bear.

  1. Fear Of Failure

Everyone who goes in for therapy is generally fearful of relapsing. This fear is actually the reason why you should seek professional help in the first place.

By looking for addiction treatment, you’re allowing yourself to be dealt with by professionals. They ensure that you follow the suitable path for you to recover from your addiction. Additionally, therapeutic counseling and the vigilant check erases the possibility of relapsing.

  1. Fear Of Acceptance Of The Addiction

Every addict is reluctant in admitting their addiction. The problem lies within the deeply rooted taboos in our societies and the fear of being declared an outcast.

You need to see how the addiction does not only negatively impact your life but does the same for those around you. Think of your loved ones and think about life without addiction problems. You can choose to have a better experience for yourself by accepting the effects of substance addiction. This acceptance is the first step you need to take to recover completely.

  1. Fear Of Being Open About Your Addiction

Similarly, the fear of openly accepting addiction is what primarily hampers any growth. The fear of being declared an outcast or losing the support of those close to you is terrifying.

However, you need to see that acceptance can help you become a better version of yourself. By letting go of your addictions, you can finally fulfill the expectations of those around you and create a stronger bond with them.

  1. Fear Of Being Left Out

Another common fear is accepting the idea that the path towards sobriety means you can never have fun again. Having fun with positive activities is far better than doing so with destructive acts. You deserve to live a fun-filled life that isn’t deteriorating your mental, physical and social state.


Getting addiction treatment is not scary. You’re taking a step towards helping yourself, and by getting the right kind of help, you can enjoy a life filled with nothing but fun and joy.