Why Is It Important to Get Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are becoming more common every year in the United States. In 2015, car crash fatalities numbered more than 35,000 just in the U.S. alone. Some motor vehicle collision injuries do not show up until hours and even days following the accident event. This is one of the reasons why medical experts strongly urge anyone involved in a car accident to seek medical treatment promptly.

Prompt Medical Treatment After Car Crashes Saves Lives

There are many serious and sometimes fatal health related complications that could happen days or even longer following a motor vehicle accident according to emergency doctors across the country. This is especially true for those individuals who have underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, lung conditions or circulation issues, among many other health conditions. Prompt medical treatment has been shown to save lives after car crashes. 

Seniors Are at Greater Risk for Crash Injuries & Complications

Elderly individuals are at greater risk for long-term injuries and/or more complications. This is due to certain age-related health problems such as arthritis, joint stiffness and bone density loss. A broken leg may heal quickly if the patient is young and healthy, but if the accident victim is elderly, they could suffer serious long term problems and dire complications including loss of mobility and even death.

Types of Geriatric Trauma Injuries to Watch for Following Accidents

Along with being more prone to having one or more chronic health issues, seniors are also often taking multiple medications that can impact recovery following any type of accident including car crashes. These medications may include heart and circulation drugs like anticoagulants or blood thinners. 

These blood thinners can make bruising and bleeding more prevalent after a hard blow to a body area. The elderly patient taking blood thinners can quickly bleed out more than victims not on these medications.

Shock Symptoms Can Be Delayed & Hard to Diagnose

It is fairly common for accident victims to go into shock following some traumatic event. This is especially true for motor vehicle accident victims. Often, the usual shock signs and symptoms do not show up until later when the victim may be at home alone. It is essential that individuals be evaluated by a medical doctor, preferably in the ER, to prevent misdiagnosing shock, which can cause severe complications and possibly death as a result.

Head & Brain Injuries May Not Present Symptoms Until Much Later

There are many valid reasons to seek prompt experienced medical treatment following a car accident including getting an assessment for possible head and/or brain trauma. At first, there may be no immediate symptoms that would suggest such injuries even to a medical doctor. However, it is not unusual for the brain to swell or enlarge later down the road. There could be a brain bleed that can be serious and perhaps deadly if not caught and treated appropriately in time to reverse the problem.

Medical Records Can Help Prove Extent of Injuries for Court Cases

Along with seeking medical treatment, individuals involved in some type of motor vehicle accident should also seriously consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer as well. Usually, the initial case review or legal consultation is free of cost. 

Having an attorney can be a valuable asset should the victim decide to pursue legal action against the person at fault for the crash. Certain evidence may be lost if there is a delay in the investigation. Medical records can help the victim prove the extent of the injuries necessary to win a personal injury lawsuit.

Find a Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Talking with a seasoned and competent personal injury attorney soon after the accident can ensure that evidence is gathered in case there is a need to file a personal injury lawsuit claim in court. Injuries sustained in a car crash can keep the victim from gainful work. Medical bills, physical therapy and other health related financial obligations can quickly become too expensive for the victim to afford. Fast medical treatment can significantly increase the accident victim’s chances for eventual recovery and well being.