Why led display video wall is useful for outdoor advertising?

The screens for advertising with led technology have broken into the market actively. And, unlike traditional advertising elements (vinyl, backlit, signage, LCD screens, etc.), outdoor advertising led display to have several advantages that make this type of facility a compelling claim for your business or brand.

Its brightness power and its contrast make us turn to watch the content instinctively emitted, nobody escapes its high potential of visual impact productions. Proof of this is the mono-poles that we find on the roads and highways. Until recently, nobody noticed these ads; but with LED technology, they no longer go unnoticed; it is a powerful light stroke that makes you look instinctively.

Through these screens, companies can disseminate videos and advertising messages, alternated with news or information of general interest. They are also useful tools for city councils and public bodies, as they facilitate the dissemination of letters addressed to citizens.

The main advantages of these systems are the following:

Power of attraction

The digital billboards and LED screens take a while among us, but not lost their attractiveness. The images in high definition, the color, and the variety of the contents always catch the pedestrians. Unlike traditional posters and canvases, which eventually go unnoticed, digital signage surprises day by day due to the ability to vary contents and adapt them to the schedules and the characteristics of the potential audience.

Diversity of uses

The led screens allow them to the public have very diverse content in different formats. In addition to commercials, music videos, performances, sporting events, etc. can be introduced. Everything will depend on the location and the type of audience for the intentionality of the advertisers. The more varied the content, the higher its capture power. The materials can be programmed according to the time slots so that they adapt to the type of public characteristic of each time segment.

Brand Empowerment

On numerous occasions, the public loosely fixes their attention on an advertising image but is not able to recall the brand it represents. That does not happen with outdoor advertising-led displays. 80% of people who see an ad on a led screen remember the brand of the advertiser.

Improvement in the shopping experience

In shopping centres, waiting times in front of boxes, counters or changing rooms can be endless. The establishments that place LED screens to achieve two effects: on the one hand, they entertain customers, which improve their shopping experience. On the other, they feed their advertising by offering buyers products that they might not have seen. On numerous occasions, that translates into a new sale.

Models and formats

The Visual Led Company of outdoor advertising led display offers a wide variety of digital products designed for advertising. The devices are classified into different categories, which takes into account the location, dimensions and use to which they are intended.

Outdoor screens

They are devices suitable for placing outside. They are manufactured with resistant components, which allow continuous emissions without fear of breakdowns or weather conditions. The screens led outdoors are made in different sizes, from giant structures outside buildings, shopping centers, or access to cities to smaller devices to locate at street level.

The outdoor screens are characterized by their brightness, which allows viewing of images in broad daylight and even receiving sunlight. Like indoor screens, they all include low-consumption technology.