Why Oil Heat is the Best Way of Heating Your Home

Buying a new home? Whether you are buying a new home or just renovating, there are lots of things you need to consider and factor in. If you live in a city or town with harsh winter, a heating system is one of the things you need to consider. Sadly, this is commonly overlooked.

Heating your home is essential during those cold winter months. It is essential to you and your family’s comfort. Since you will need to heat your home, expect a rise in your monthly cost especially during colder months.

There are various options for heating your home. There is natural gas heating, which is the most common. There is also electrical heating. These two may be the most popular, but that doesn’t make them the best. If you are really looking for a safe, clean, and cost-efficient way to keep your home warm, heating oil is the best option. Contact BoilerJuice.com today to learn more about the heating oil prices and the difference heating oil can make in your home.

Here are the reasons why oil heat is the best option:

  1. Efficiency

Of the heating systems, oil heat is the most efficient. Heating oil has been refined and made more efficient in recent years. It now holds an efficiency rating of 95%. This means that it provides more heat for a lesser amount of fuel.

  1. Effective heating

Heating oil is more effective in heating your home. It burns way hotter than, say, natural gas. It provides more heat than natural gas and electricity. With just a gallon of oil, you will get a 125,000 BTU energy content.

  1. Long-lasting

A heating system is durable and long-lasting. Compared with electric and natural gas furnaces, it has a higher life expectancy. Oil-based heating systems can last up to 30 years, or even more. It is easier and cheaper to maintain too.

  1. Safety

When it comes to home heating, safety should be a priority. This is another advantage of using heating oil. It is cleaner and safer to use. It doesn’t burn in its liquid state. Thus, it does not cause fire, unlike propane and natural gas which are fire-hazards. More importantly, it does not release carbon monoxide, which is a toxic gas.

  1. Clean

Oil heating systems, unlike before, no longer produce soot and smoke. With innovations in technology, heating oil is now made cleaner. It produces lesser emission, which makes it environment-friendly. In fact, it complies with the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard for air pollution.

  1. Inexpensive.

Oil heat is more affordable than you think. There has been a continued decrease of oil prices across the country. There is also enough supply in the market, which means that the price will skyrocket in the foreseeable future. Compared with propane and natural gas, the supply of oil is steady and more than sufficient even during winter. This makes it more dependable than the other alternatives.

Now that you know the advantages of using oil heat in heating your home, consider the use of an oil-based heating system before you buy a new home.