Why Should You Use Sticky Ads On Your Website?

There are many ad units and formats available in the field of digital marketing. Often, the publishers get confused while choosing the type of ad for their business. A recent ad concept has been introduced known as sticky or fixed ads. Behind enhancing the user experience, it helps in receiving revenues and getting CPMs. The benefits are much more in this ad unit. The main advantages are as follows:

User experience:

The concept of the ad is much newer. The evolution is not yet complete, but the developers are always coming with something new in it. The main reason behind developing it is to be beneficial for the publishers. It allows the publishers to make a more charming and engaging ad experience for the people out there. Stick ad is much exceptional and is further better than the others because the designs need to be fixed in a particular area of the screen and allow the audiences to scroll through the page.

Revenues and availability:

These ads are also known as the anchor or fixed ads, as they are fixed on a specific area. This provides an upper hand when it comes to viewability. These ads increase and boosts viewability of the audiences. The more the viewability, the higher are the ad revenues. A lot of publishers claim to receive the most of their revenues from the ads. Moreover, this ad type is available for both desktops and mobile devices. Therefore, users can make use of most of it from almost anywhere.


Most of the ads available out there are intrusive in nature, results in distraction of the user by constantly popping up on the screen. This interrupts the reading experience of the user. But, in the case of anchor ads, this is not how it works. They are non- intrusive compared to the other formats. This leads to high viewability too. The ads are barely noticeable and subtle by nature. Therefore, the content of the page remains undisturbed, enabling a good reading experience.


While the other ad formats are not refreshable, the anchor ads are easy- refreshable. There are several ad refresh products available nowadays, and are exceptionally great for refreshing this kind of ad. Being refreshable, it is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. Use any standard triggers which work on the basis of viewability, activity and scroll movement of the users. The refreshing procedure is much simple, and if done correctly, the result will be fruitful.

Increment in CPM rates and customization:

This particular type of add has the capability to yield higher Cost per mile or CPM rates. The enhanced CPM rates further improve the total score of viewability of the domain. Though high CPM rates need more time-on-site and consistent availability of demand as well. Customizations can be made, and the users may be allowed to close or dismiss the ads for reading the content also. 


The advantages of the ad type are huge for publishers and often for the advertisers as well. But, in order to make it sure that whether you want to make it a part of your plan or not, you should test it first. To know more about the ad, get yourself involved in researching and for professional and online help. Taking any step without knowing the consequences, may not prove successful to you.