Why Sports Are Important For High School Students

Today, the field of athletics has merely expanded in the schools, including an even greater variety of options for students. Although most students get involved in sports due to sheer love of game, there are significant benefits of these extracurricular activities that most people aren’t aware of. 

Here are 6 ways sports in the high school benefit students – most of which the students and their parents mostly not even realize.

 Improved Health and Fitness

The fitness level of sport enthusiasts in high school cannot be underestimated. A study on female athletes conducted in 2008 found that when female students participate in athletics in high school, their fitness levels improve. 

Studies also suggest that student that participate in sports are less likely to participate in any kind of risky behavior.

Community Representation

According to Fancyodds The Sports Book, students participating in sports learn how to representing their community in the field. They learn the fun of team rivalries and revel in the praise of a well-done job for their school. These feelings the honor of representing their team runs over into college athletics if the student advances in the sport as well.

Impact On Academics

According to a study published in 2007 found that students who are active in sports like football and soccer performed 10 percent better in subjects like math, social studies, science, and arts. Since sports offer equal opportunity to every student, these academic benefits extend to all areas of the students’ population, including students that might be naturally undeserved.

Development of Leadership Skills

As students advance through higher ranks in the high school team, they develop valuable leadership skills. Senior athletes usually encourage younger team members.  They set examples for the juniors and often provide them advice and guidance both on and off the field.

Learning Teamwork

Since everyone has a common goal in team sports, students learn exactly how their performance effects the rest of the team. This makes students capable of finding their place, whether it is to be a leader of the team or to play a supporting role. 

Development of Social Behavior

Students participating in sports often develop close friendships with others in the team. These friendships are essential for mental and physical health of the students throughout the high school years. Students bond with each other over a common passion, and the time they spend with each other during practice and games builds relationships that often last even after the high school is over.