Sunday, January 23 , 2022

Why to use Answerly and how you can earn from it?

For every independent writer on this planet, the biggest nightmare is being out of work. And since the influx of digital marketers, every opportunity for solo writers like me seems to be preoccupied. Answerly is a brainchild to this problem: a platform that has revolutionized the world of writing by blending it with modern Fin-tech including digital currencies. A platform that ensure that only quality content gets published, with a strict control over self-promoting digital marketers.

When we say Answerly has revolutionized the writing industry, we sincerely mean it. Answerly’s ideology is unique since unlike other platforms, it aims to bring the monetary benefits of writing back to writers and readers- rather than Tech-giants owning them! 

Thus for every answer you write, you can be sure that eventually the perks will come back to you. Now you might be a bit baffled at the moment (or maybe even mystified), but hold your horses because we are going to explain it all to you.

So how does it Work?

Answerly is big on quality and like most other platforms of this nature, it’s based on a flawless algorithm. This algorithm works by identifying the best answers on a question, and subsequently ranking answers based on several distinct factors including relevance, length, engagement and its quality. But here’s the real thing: If an answer gets selected, the writer will be rewarded with Answerly Tokens immediately in their wallet, which is exchangeable with all varieties of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, XLM etc.

Ahaa… and let me tell you one thing- there’s no shortage of topics to write on Answerly. From sustainable farming to hiking tips, Answerly has got an answer for everything! Thus every writer, no matter how distinct his/her interests are, will definitely find something for themselves- something that only they can write!

Answerly values writers craft and therefore rewards generously. This isn’t a lucky draw. Your probability to earn crypto is severely high as long as you can write relevant queries. Typically one answer on Answerly rewards equal to $1 USD, but mind you- that’s just level one! As you reach up the ladder, your rewarded will not just be upgraded, but multiplied.

And the best part that we personally liked is that withdrawal of rewards is absolutely hassle free: straight to your wallet, then to the bank without any deductions or delays.

Exemplary User-Experience 

As far as features are concerned, no doubt I myself was stumbled by platform’s engaging design and implementation. These may sound words, but it seemed that I was playing with words rather than writing- all because of its enriching features. From a built-in (default) plagiarism checker in text boxes, to Un-splash integration with library of 1 Million+ copy-right images from 230000+ contributors, Answerly has ensure that every reader can benefit from display-rich experience. Plus, every writer can implement their favorite writing styles, format based on their preferences and most importantly save their draft before posting.

Answerly has passed the stages of ifs and buts, and has started transforming lives of millions of writers out there. The platform’s strong community of 20000+ users is already reaching new heights every day. And, whether you have a query regarding any of its functions, or an issue that is to be resolves, Answerly’s user service team is always there to guide all.

We personally are inspired by the platform since it’s a win-win for all: Writers, Readers and Answerly. No matter if you have just started writing as a past time, or are a professional trying to earn his/her crumbs by playing with words, Answerly as it all!

Happy Answering!