Why Your Web Design Company Needs to Be Monitoring the Dark Web

Why Your Web Design Company Needs to Be Monitoring the Dark Web

In the past few decades, the Internet has become increasingly popular throughout all facets of our society. Both in peoples’ personal lives as well as in the professional sector, people all around the world utilize the Internet in some capacity. Because the Internet has become so ubiquitous in recent years, the web design industry has become extremely lucrative. People all around the world run their own web design businesses, as there is always a need for new sites to be created. Running a web design company is a challenging task, and is made even more difficult by the threats of cybercrime. Hackers and other online criminals often try to take advantage of web design companies by stealing their information via the dark web. Learning about the dark web and how to protect your company from threats on it are imperative to sustaining the security of your web design company.

Understanding the Dark Web

Like many facets of the Internet, the dark web is often misunderstood because of its poor reputation. The dark web certainly can be utilized for criminal activities, and it has gotten this reputation because of large law enforcement busts that have shut down many sites on this facet of the web. The dark web is a part of the Internet that can only be accessed through specific browser software, and allows users to keep their identities anonymous and protect their locations through encryption technology. Because of the anonymity of the dark web, many criminals use it for nefarious purposes; however, this is not its main purpose, as many reputable companies use it as well. Although law enforcement does try to limit the amount of criminal activity that occurs on the dark web, there are still many criminal pages that are up where criminals trade credit cards, credentials, and accesses, and can certainly be used for immoral purposes. Learning about the dark web as a whole will allow you to know how to apply this knowledge into protecting your web design company.

How to Protect Your Web Design Business from the Dark Web

The dark web can be an incredibly dangerous place, but it is essential for you to monitor the dark web so you can protect your company from criminals. While setting up a monitoring system can be extremely challenging, it will certainly be worth it in the long run for your web design company. Dark web monitoring is critical for your company’s security, and investing in visibility tools, like OnionScan, and others will diagnose dark web sites that pose a threat to you. To effectively monitor the dark web, you have to find the specific counterfeits, mentions of your assets, and other exposed credentials. As long as you are tracking threats, identifying exposed credentials, and detecting other forms of fraud on the dark web, you will be able to mitigate the negative exposure that your business has.

Final Thoughts

Running a web design company is a very difficult job, and is made even more challenging by threats on the dark web. Learning how to monitor and reduce threats is essential to ensuring that your business is secure.