Monday, September 26 , 2022

Wild Dolphin “Asks” Divers to Help Free Itself from Hook

Past few weeks we brought many stories to you about dolphins and whales. Most it was to do with cruelty towards them. What we emphasized in them is that these dolphins and whales are much smarter than we think. In addition they are very close to humans and like their interaction. This is yet another story that proves this.

Dolphins may be one of the planet’s smartest creatures, but one thing they lack are opposable thumbs. However, they are clever enough to recognize that, in a pinch, they can approach humans to get help with those hard to reach spots.

In this video, a bottle nosed dolphin with limited mobility due to a hook and fishing line restricting a pectoral fin, approaches some divers for help. Diving instructor Keller Laros noticed that the dolphin was hanging around them, and that it wasn’t able to move freely. Closer inspection revealed the ocean debris lodged in the fin.

Thankfully, the dolphin not only allowed the divers to attempt to work the line and hook out of the fin, but actually shifted its body to make it easier.

The divers were able to remove the fishing line which allowed increased movement for the animal. Unfortunately, the hook was not able to be removed.

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