Window Replacement Edmonton; Can It Help Deal With Condensation Issues?

Condensation can happen on different sides of a pane. During winter, it is common to occur from the inside part. The difference in external and internal temperatures make the air condense. The external condensation is caused by dew, which often occurs during the night. Another form of condensation occurs between the panes of a glazed window. They could be double or triple glazed. When the seal that separates the panes breaks, air gets in, and it is difficult to get rid of this type of condensation. So, can carrying out window replacement Edmonton help you deal with this problem?

This is what here at NorthTech Windows and Doors want to educate you on so that you can have the best solutions for dealing with condensation during your window replacement in Edmonton. Here is how you handle condensation. See more here.

Interior Condensation

  • Turn Down the Humidifier

A humidifier releases moisture in the air. One way of getting rid of condensation in a home where a humidifier is used is by turning it off. Because little moisture will be available, you will notice changes on your windows panes.

  • Buy a Moisture Eliminator

Typically, some areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are more humid than others. Then the air cools, a lot of condensation occurs, making the windows in those areas look bad and challenging to do window replacement. Nowadays, you can get products from the stores that help in eliminating moisture. 

These products are easy to use and can be hanged as bags or placed on the floor as buckets. Use them in humid areas to absorb the excess moisture in those places.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

Whenever your kitchen or bathroom is in use, make sure your fans are on. After you are done using these spaces, allow your fans to continue running for another 15-20 minutes. It helps in clearing the moisture produced when the rooms are in use.

  • Circulate the Air

When winter knocks in, it is not the time to turn off your ceiling fans. Instead, you should utilize them to ensure the warm air around your ceiling is pushed back to the ground where there is cold air.

  • Open Your Windows

Of course, you have to check the severity of the weather condition. Do not kill yourself in extreme weather just because you want to get rid of condensation. When the cold is bearable, you can open your windows for some time to let the humidity out of the house. You can also enjoy natural aeration during the process. Make sure during window replacement Edmonton your windows can open properly. 

  • Raise the Window Temperature

The trick works really well because the warm air in your house will not find a cold surface to condense in our windows.  You can use blinds, curtains, and drapes to achieve this increase. Additionally, you can warm the temperature in your entire house to ensure the temperature is even everywhere.

  • Add Weather Stripping

It is an efficient way of getting rid of condensation. Besides, it also helps with enhancing the energy-efficiency in your home.

  • Use Storm Windows

They are ideal for using with old windows. They also contribute to enhancing energy efficiency. Storm windows prevent frost buildup. If your windows still have condensation after doing storm window replacement Edmonton, it indicates they need a quick check on the weather stripping, which can be loose.

Exterior Condensation

  • Rain X

Most homeowners often use rain X for window shielding. But, it can be used against condensation. Applying Rain X keeps off condensation from your windows by running off gathered water.

  • Have Patience

During the warm season, external condensation is often cleared by the sun. So, you can wait effortlessly for the sun to do the work.

Condensation between Window Panes

  • Clean the Windows

Before concluding that your windows have condensed, try cleaning them. The fuzziness can be caused by buildup, and cleaning can help you determine the cause of that fuzziness.

  • Replace the Panes

This option is dependent on the availability of the panes. Since they are durable, you may find such panes no longer operates, or the panes are outdated. But, it is still worth the try.

  • Replace the Window

If no manufacturer has the panes you are looking for, consider doing window replacement for the entire unit. The window market continues to have improved innovations, which provide better performance and satisfaction to property owners. It is a nice way of upgrading your home’s appearance and having a long-term solution to the condensation problem.