Sunday, October 2 , 2022

Wonderful Ionization Process of Himalayan Salt Lamps from Hygroscope to Air Purification

Pink Himalayan salt lamps have been mined for ages in Khewra salt mines of Pakistan and other parts of the Himalayas Mountains.
Their reputation as a night salt lamp includes a holistic inspection of some of their widely acclaimed benefits. Not minding their aesthetic value, pink Himalayan salt plays a silent role in the ionization process going on every day around the world.
Everyone loves the feeling they get when they stand by the beach or rain, or a visit to the forest and perhaps when they receive a bit of sunshine after the snow. Those are the number of negative ions at the moment that tries to balance the number of positive ions around us.

What are the Positive and Negative ions?

Positive ions are the amount of electromagnetic radiation we get from using electronic devices and stressing ourselves. The amount of brainwave emitted by our televisions, laptops, phones, and radios is 20times much than what is required by our brain. The continued practice of such a lifestyle leads to constant headache, stress, anxiety, and other health complications.
Negative ion on its own is concerned about balancing the effect from these electromagnetic radiations with nature and natural healing. That is the reason why we feel differently after long hours in the room, – we step out and to get a bit of fresh air.

What is the Ionization Process of Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps have been used for centuries to cure various types of ailment in caves, spas and most recently our bedroom. There is a feeling of calmness that passes through anywhere salt lamps get used for relaxation. That is because it purifies the air.

How does a Salt Lamp purify the air?

Through a process called hygroscopy, Pink Himalayan salt lamps can trap molecules in the air. When they heat up, they produce enough amounts of negative ions that filter dust, debris, and mildews that are attached to the humid environment around us.
Much of what this night salt lamps emit is sodium and chloride mixed with the air and vapor -it balances the number of ions in the room.
Sodium is a positive ion, hydrogen is a negative and positive ion, and sodium and oxygen are both negative ions. If they are all mixed up in a room, three negative ions against two positive ions eliminate the amount of electromagnetic brainwave in the room.
It is the reason a crowded room feels different immediately you step out to receive fresh air. A warm environment feels different as soon as fresh water touches your skin.

When does Purification occur with the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The number of negative ions in nature cannot be compared with what we get with a salt lamp. Under a confined environment like a room, a pink Himalayan salt lamp will purify the air and help you sleep better. The free radicals that cause stress, anxieties, and allergies are often associated with the type of atmosphere we create.
A room with a salt lamp is one way towards sleeping better and waking up in a better mood.

Are there ways of channeling the Ionization Process?

Hygroscopy tries to trap molecules (usually contaminants) in the air so the salt lamp can begin the process of ionization as soon as it heats up. But the process doesn’t just stop there until the room is filled with ions emitted from the lamp. It is always advice able to have your salt lamp on for 24 hours every day. The light consumes less energy so you won’t be paying substantial electrical bills. Also, it helps set the room in the right atmosphere before you come back from the office or your house.
Having a salt lamp in the room and office is one of the best ways to keep you refreshed every moment of the day. It is also an avenue to stop the constant headaches, cough, and low energy level.

Hygroscopy with Salt Lamps

Hygroscopy has always worked with other elements, why not a salt lamp. Salt lamps have been there even before the rise of human activities, though it has raised a lot of concerns in recent times.
High voltage from electrical devices like phones, laptops, television all contributes towards aggravating health complications.
In conclusion, hygroscopy is very much necessary if we hope to experience air purification with salt lamps. The size of the lamp matters as well if we hope for the process to be better.
A 14-inch pink salt lamp is advisable for use in a room. It is the standard lamp size for any room no matter how big they might seem. Having two in a room is such an overkill. But they have been seen in conference rooms and halls that accommodate the most amount of people.