Thursday, September 29 , 2022

What is Wrong With Our Culture ?

His words have changed many. At least the way people look at life. The message is the “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Watching this video you either feel guilt or feel regret. Either way its important to realize the dilutions we live in.

Someone said, In the West we’re being indoctrinated with Cultural Marxism, an ideology which takes the human away from his humanity to become an emotionless robot who commits knee-jerk reactions over words than actions. It’s an ideology which is discriminative at it’s core and teaches the host to hate oneself. Cultural Marxist Culture promotes lifeless art, lifeless music without soul or emotion for the children of today to be brought up in this nightmare just to think its “normal”

And I think that’s exactly what happens today. That’s exactly the reality.

We need to embrace life, freedom and happiness.