Your Absolute Guide to Junk Removal or Renting a Dumpster: Which is Best?

If you have a lot of junk on your property, be it construction waste, garden debris, old furniture, machinery or equipment, and more, you may already be weighing the pros and cons between getting a junk removal service to help you or arranging to rent a dumpster yourself. Of course, your choice will ultimately depend on the amount of work and effort you are willing to do and the kind of waste you’d need to throw away or dispose of. But how can you weigh these two options if you don’t have all the facts you need to know? Here, then, is your definitive guide to junk removal or renting a dumpster: which is best? 

Dumpster rental: what you need to know

If you go for dumpster rental, be prepared to do it DIY style. You have to fill the dumpster yourself and cannot rely on a professional to do it for you. You can likely rent dumpsters for a minimum of three days and longer, so it may be a good idea if you have a longer junk removal project, such as when you’re remodeling or constructing something. But you also have to remember that when you rent a dumpster for an extended period, it can cost a lot of money. 

You may also have to get a special permit depending on where you work or live, particularly if the dumpster company will drop off the dumpster on a city street. When you rent one, you will have to contend with restrictions on weight set by the dumpster provider based on fees for the landfill and local rules and regulations. If a load of your dumpster goes over this restriction, you will have to settle extra fees. 

Junk removal: what you need to know

As professional Canton junk haulers can attest, your chosen junk removal service will help with various projects, including cleanouts, the removal of debris, and the general disposal of junk items. Compared to dumpster rental, where you have to do everything yourself, a junk removal service will do everything – including heavy lifting, loading, and hauling. 

The service is also straightforward because all you have to do is set your pickup schedule, and settle the fees, and they will arrive and clear out all the junk and clutter. The cost for such a service will usually depend on the volume and weight of the trash you want thrown away, and most companies can also offer free estimates right on-site, and some can even do it online or via phone. 

A junk removal service will have the correct tools, professionalism, and know-how for proper junk removal. They have a good amount of experience dealing with all sorts of items, including furniture, bulky items, appliances, equipment, and more. They can be pretty efficient and will work as quickly as possible while also ensuring that there is no damage to your premises while they’re doing their job. 

Most of those who go for junk removal services do so because they don’t want to lift the items themselves, they can’t, or they don’t have the time to do it. If you only have a few things you’d want to throw away, it’s a better option than renting out a whole dumpster.