Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Your dinner table may be full of cruelty!

Your dinner table may be full of cruelty!by Jaya

As much as we love eating a nice meal with various delights, certain food we eat might be so inhumane! We are born without a clue of various tastes we later may get addicted to and everything we congregate later are from our parents or the society we live in. Our taste on foods is no exception to this. Our desire for flesh and blood came because we were fed them. Because we were taught that they were tasty. Because we were taught they were healthy, which actually isn’t the case as oppose to a vegetarian diet. However in some countries there are various food types that many other countries will consider is not suitable as foods. Countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia have various foods that are bitter in taste. Yet, the people in those countries consider it a taste. What it affirms is that taste is also something relative like most other things in this world. That relativity comes from how you perceive it.

Your dinner table may be full of cruelty!If we were to avoid our desires what we must understand is that to realize how our attachments grew and why it did so. Once that is figured out, we may consider controlling our desires to the taste of foods we attached to, Sometimes addicted to. We hardly have an idea of various foods that are served at our table. Where it originates, how it comes from, how it is prepared, and how it is served. Very rarely we think of the food cycle and the food footprint. As a responsible human being we must understand and be conscious about everything we do. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to know what we consume. If our consumption promotes suffering, pain & killing of another living being, if it promotes cruelty and harassment we should not be consuming same. From poultry industry to sea food industry and at times the dairy industry promotes animal cruelty in a big scale. Most manufacturers do not care about accepted codes and ethics in managing their farms but the pure intention of maximizing profits.

The latest story we heard in relation to this is a mere extreme.  We all know most crabs are prepared alive. Put in to boiling water. Just imagine, putting a lining thing to a boiling water and making it a food. We humans have no issue in eating such “delights” as we call it. Now the crab faces an additional cruel move with Chinese looking at vending machines containing LIVE crabs are stuffed full for a constant sell from August through October. These are live beings that are cramped together in a container and stuffed in a machine for profit.  They may look as though they are sleeping; what else can they do.

Your dinner table may be full of cruelty!Machines are kept cool, around 5-10° C to keep the crabs preserved.  This ploy is to promote the “shop next door” and crab sales without regard to the animals suffering within this machine. This Mr. Liu is not only employing these powerless creatures for his personal gain, he is also utilizing some illegal practices and sells inferior crabs for personal gain.  This will attract many customers who are on the lookout to satisfy their desires regardless any sensitivity towards poor creatures.

What we want to state here is that; do not let your dining table to be a place for animal cruelty. Do not let it be a place promoting pain, suffer and exploitation. We have a greater responsibility to be compassionate, kind and caring for all living being. Know what you eat and be a person with heart full of love and kindness.