Youtube Vanced: the modified YouTube for Ad-free video play

Youtube Vanced is a modified version of Youtube that helps the users gain experience of additional features. Youtube Vanced is for Google’s Android operating system which helps add these other features for the users. The added features include background playback, sponsor-blocking and ad-blocking. 

When you install Youtube Vanced, you’ll see that it isn’t as straightforward like heading over the Google Play and pressing install. Instead, you would have to go and install the official website which is

In this new YouTube Vanced, you don’t need microG installation to make it work with your Android device.

Youtube Vanced looks pretty identical to the original version of Youtube, but there is a fair chance that the difference isn’t noticed by a lot of people. 

To enable Sponsor Block, you would have to open the Setting of the application first, and then go to the Sponsor block settings along with the Vanced setting. It will help you go through the configuration process once. 

This is enabled through default and makes use of the crowd-sourced data, which helps skip the sponsored messages and notification within the videos. 

This is a great feature for the popular channels which might use such messages within their videos. You would have to toggle the option to enable it. 

The Vanced settings consist of extensive features which are different from the original Youtube app. These include the following:

  • You can change the video quality according to your preference through your mobile data or Wi-Fi. 
  • You can override the maximum preferred video resolution as well
  • The video speed can be changed according to your preference. 
  • You can override the default codec as well
  • The experimental feature consists of hiding the home ads
  • You can disable the Youtube stories
  • The end card can be disabled 
  • You can disable the info card buttons 
  • The branding watermark can be disabled as well 
  • The cast button can be disabled
  • You can also enable the mini-player
  • You can enable the location of the comment along with the search bar
  • Different themes according to your preference can be enabled e.g. the dark theme 
  • You can enable the automatic repeat 
  • The experimental player enabling  
  • The full HDR brightness can be disabled 
  • Swipe controls enabled for the volume and the brightness

 These options are provided through the Youtube original app. The users can sign into the account using Youtube Vanced which manages the subscription. Through this, you can gain all the benefits which will be associated with that account. 

Is YouTube Vanced a safe app to use? 

Youtube vanced is a safe app, which offers all the necessary features including the background play, which isn’t a part of the original Youtube application. Hence, Youtube Vanced is referred to as the modified version of Youtube. However, there are risks involved while installing and using this app, no matter if it is being installed from the play store or other external platforms. 


Youtube Vanced is said to be the better version of Youtube, due to its extensive and additional features which makes it worthwhile.