10 Best Ways to sell Laundry Supplies

Selling is a result of effective marketing strategy. To sell any product the strategies have to be formulated based on the 4p’s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. In the case of medical laundry supplies, this applies too. Some medical laundry supplies such as hamper bags, hamper stands, linen laundry bags, etc are used at medical service providers places. To sell these, given here are 10 best ways/strategies to sell the laundry supplies.

Product-related strategy

  • Concentrate more on product longevity- The buyer who is a medical practitioner should be convinced about its durability and tensile strength. Because there is a rough usage of laundry items in hospitals and clinics. So, the item should be tough and should last long. 
  • Lure the prospect with the ease of use- Something which is easy to use tends to be grabbed or purchased frequently. Sales personnel should tell the buyer about its ease of use. For example, a hamper bag used to put clutter should be stain proof and dry-efficient. So, the user need not to rub it vigorously to clean it and it dries fast, this, facilitating the work.
  • Count on the advantages – Any item to be sold effectively needs to satisfy the customer with its advantages. The laundry supplies have an advantage of being microbial repellent, non-irritant, it can be quickly sterilised and most importantly it drives out the incidence of health acquired infections. The seller should emphasize more on the advantages so that the customer is impressed and finds the product as an exclusive one as compared to others in the market.
  • Distribute Free samples – Let the buyer use a free sample. Because, if the product is strong then after usage it will satisfy the customer and he/she will have an urge to purchase more or maybe in bulk. Distribute the laundry supplies to more number of prospects in the near vicinity. So that later the distance constraint does not create a trouble. For eg: Distribution of linen laundry bags in hospitals. 

Price-related Strategy

  • Penetration Pricing – The low-cost items tend to penetrate the market, as it is ought to be purchased in bulk and reaches more number of people. Try to target small-scale and medium-scale hospitals and clinics. 
  • Skimmed Pricing – The products( laundry supplies in this case) with high-end pricing are sold through skimmed pricing. Where, the buyer is convinced with the fact that even though the price is high but the advantages are even higher which lets them maintain a standard. Here, the seller needs to target large scale hospitals and clinics. 

Place- related strategy

  • Convince the buyer for the nice appearance the product will impart – In the case of laundry supplies for eg: Hamper bags, hamper stands, etc. the buyer should be satisfied with the appearance it will impart when put to usage. When used it displays the sense of cleanliness and hygiene existing in the area. This, in turn, satisfies the visitors to the place also.
  • Facilitate quick delivery – Anything when purchased online takes some time to get delivered. But, if quick delivery is done then a happy customer is earned. This, in turn, would lead to repurchase too. 

Promotion-related Strategy-

  • Provide after-sales service – To maintain a long-term relationship with the customers, after sales services play an important role. Provide the customer with the facility of replacement or repair after purchase. For eg: a hamper stand if found to be broken should be replaced as quickly as possible. 
  • Discounts and offers – Keep the buyers informed about the discounts and offers. The seller can provide discounts on the bulk purchase or can through an offer of a free gift with the purchase of a certain item. In the case of laundry supplies, this strategy works a lot as this is an FMCG product which is required on a daily basis. 

Other strategies 

  • Emphasize of imparting a positive image of the user and his/her business- In the case of laundry supplies, tell the prospects if they use their item then a sense of hygiene and cleanliness is reflected. This adds a grade to the image of the hospitals and clinics. 
  • Psychological satisfaction of patients- The patients admitted in the hospitals are also psychologically satisfied if it is hygienic and well kept. Some apt laundry supplies can make this happen. Convince the customer from this point of view. This advantage lets them enjoy a competitive edge.

On the whole, it is clear that if you want to overcome the competition in the market then the product i.e. the laundry supplies should be marketed for all the advantages imparted by the product, price, place and promotion.