5 Dope Ways To Smoke Cannabis

Smoking weed is something that we are doing for thousands of years. During this time, people invented hundreds, if not thousands of unique methods. Probably you have your way of smoking, but don’t limit yourself and give a try to something new. In this article, you’ll learn about 5 cool ways of smoking weed that you should try!


Simple is a genius. Everybody, even those who are not smoking, heard about joints. It is the most basic, but also the most popular way of getting high. Everything you need to make them is easily accessible. However, not everybody can roll a joint. In the cannabis world, rolling a joint is an art. There are so many different methods and techniques for making it that you can’t even imagine. But if you’re new to smoking, or you don’t have the patience to roll one, don’t worry. You can always try pre-rolled joints that are made for your convenience. 

Apple Pipe

If you believe that eating an apple is the only way of using it, you couldn’t be more wrong. This fruit is not only a delicious snack, but it can also be used as a pipe. If you don’t have any smoking apparatus nearby – use this fruit. To change the apple into a pipe, you’re going to need a knife and a pen. 

It’s an original way of smoking, and on top of that, you get apple flavour to your smoke, which is a great addition. When you’re done smoking, utilize your pipe and eat it. After all, they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Gas Mask

One of the most original ways that will let you get super high! Just put the mask on, and there’s no way that any amount of smoke escapes. Even though it might look like a terrible experience, it’s not. You can be sure that it will be the most intense smoking of your life. The smoke will build around your face, and you have to breathe it in and push it out using the exit chamber. It’s a guaranteed way of getting super stoned.

Since the smoke stays in the mask, it’s one of the most efficient ways of inhaling the weed. However, it might be irritating for your skin, nose, and throat.

But getting stoned is not the only thing that you’ll get. You’ll grab everyone’s attention, and it’ll let you break the ice. It is a fun tool for parties that you should bring and let others try as well. It’s fun to watch them wearing a mask and having a blast. 


It is one of the hardest-hitting tools. This popular method of smoking allows you to get high fast, and not much weed is necessary for this. According to many, bong can often be powerful, because vast amounts of smoke get to your lungs. As a result, you’ll fly really high. 

Make sure that you know your limits. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended not to try this method. If you decide to stick to the bong, start with a smaller amount, don’t go crazy. Smoke responsibly, because it allows you to get high even on a small amount of weed. You can order Bongs online check this Bongs for sale 


The only better thing than smoking Mary Jane is smoking it with your friends. Thanks to the Hookah, this can be even more sociable event, as it allows four or even more friends to smoke at the same time. The only thing you need is to attach the hoses and enjoy the time spent together. 

This device’s purpose is to cool the smoke before you inhale it. It was first used in regions of Persia and India. Nowadays, there are a lot of hookah lounges, where you can not only enjoy being high but also eat a delicious meal and listen to relaxing music. 

There are so many methods of smoking cannabis that it’s only up to you which way you’re going to choose. If you haven’t tried anything other than joint, it’s really worth experimenting. You never know, maybe you’ll like one of those methods more, and they’ll let you reach a whole new level of being stoned.