How We Test Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are the best methods of cleaning the dirt in your homes. If you might be moving the stick vacuum cleaners at your home, but you have not used the modern robot vacuum cleaner yet. One of the finest vacuum cleaners you can get is RoboRock S5. The offers of sale are quite attractive but it may not let you avoid your stick vacuum cleaner all at once. You may still not be ready to part with the old sick vacuum cleaner which has been your friend for a long time. RoboRock S5 is such a model that will make you fall in love with it when you use it.

The expert’s scientists have seen the evolution of the robotic vacuum cleaner in its functionality and capabilities over the years. With every test, the robot vacuum cleaner has evolved more and they have given the manufacturers a boost to create the best robot vacuum cleaner ever. In this article, we are going to talk about how this testing takes place for the better of the product and the approval of the customer. With expert testers and the best choice from the robotic vacuum cleaners developed is done in the test lab and the article will be sharing with you whatever the experts choose from what they test.

How we choose what we test

How to choose from the many designs of the robotic vacuum cleaners. The aim of choosing between the best robot vacuum cleaners is the fact that the expert chooses among the most popular models in the market and decide which model will be the best for keeping at the home and is more likely to be sold in the retail shop. This is the main thing to be decided by the expert testers when they test a robot vacuum cleaner.

The job of the expert tester is to find about the different types of models and check the difference between them in through their market sales information, member requests to check specific devices for their utility of the requester. When all this information is collected, a final list of products is made by the experts which will go to the buyers. They can then go to the nearest retail shop to buy their desired product. This is done to ensure that the customer finds the new product in the market attractive not the ones they have been using before but even more attractive than that.

How to test the robot vacuum cleaner

Certain criteria must be checked when a robot vacuum cleaner is tested. The criteria a robot vacuum cleaner must fulfill are:

l  Dirt removal from hard floors

The dirt collection in the robot vacuum cleaner is different from the ordinary cleaner you use at home. It is the kind of model which can clean up everything on the floor on this path of circumference but the problem lies in the fact that it follows only a circular path when it cleans whenever there is an obstacle like a chair or a table on its oath, it will avoid it and not clean the space under it. The dirt receptacle is really good. It cleans up automatically after every cleaning session. The ordinary vacuum cleaners need their dirt receptacle cleaned. This is quite messy and can be avoided when one uses a robot vacuum.

l  Dirt removal from carpet

The cleaning of dust from the carpet is tested by sprinkling dirt on various corners of the carpet. The robot vacuum cleaner is then let to run for a set period during which it undergoes revolutions on the carpet accumulating dust. The amount of dust collected is later measured and weighed. A record is kept for comparative study.

l  Cleaning corners and edges

Cleaning the corners is an interesting criterion for the robot vacuum cleaner. An expert must test for the corner test by accumulating dust in the right-angled corners of the rooms and see how close a robotic vacuum cleaner can move to get the entire dust out of there. This too decides how good a cleaner can be.

l  Pet hair removal

To test this, the expert testers keep the cat hairs on a carpet in a quite embedded manner. They let the cleaner run over the carpet for about six minutes long and test how much cat hair is left on the carpet after the cleaning. This is more of a visual assessment.

l  Ease of use

Robot vacuum cleaners are very easy for usage at home or in any other place.

Test criteria explained

After all of these testing, the criteria are measured according to the preference of utility. The values are regarded as important as follows: 

l  Hard floor dirt pick-up is the most important criteria whose carrying marks rate is about 40%

l  Dirt removal from carpet is the next important criterion which has almost 30% of the marks.

l  Cleaning corners and edges carry 15% of the overall score.

l  Pet hair removal is about the left out 15%of the score.

Most of these features are well studied in the lab with the proper equipment and the measurements are quite accurate to find out about the exact product for the customer. You are ready to buy a robot vacuum cleaner now as it is well tested by the experts.