Exposed aggregate driveway design options

Many people associate concrete driveways with robust smooth footing and a plain grey finish. However, driveways with the exposed aggregate design are changing the game, showing that concrete driveways are more versatile than most people think.

Exposed aggregate driveways are created by exposing the concrete mixture and adding pebbles and stones to create a unique finish. It adds color and texture to the surface, all the while making it more durable for people and vehicles to pass on.

Exposed aggregate creates a unique finish that can complement the overall design of your home. Exposed aggregate driveways look gorgeous whether you’re going for a rustic, modern, or industrial design for your property.

There are also many ways to customize the look and texture of your exposed aggregate driveway. Customisation can be done through carefully selecting the amount of exposure of the pebbles and the colors to be used.

Design options for your exposed aggregate concrete driveway

The exposed aggregate gives you the freedom to control the number of pebbles that peek through the surface and specifically select hues that will blend well with the exterior of your home. This is to ensure that it doesn’t go against your home’s design.

Exposed aggregate driveways allow you to make a robust yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. But if you’re still confused as to how you can make your driveway look more elegant with exposed aggregate concrete, here are a few great exposed aggregate driveway design options for you:

Mix and match your colors

Yes, exposed aggregate concrete allows you to incorporate more hues than black, white, and grey. Vibrant or dark colours can be added to the concrete to create a unique mix of pebbles and colors that will make your driveway more unique and sophisticated.

Bright colored pebbles can be added onto a dark coloured concrete to create a fun contrast between shades. On the other hand, dark coloured pebbles can be added on bright-tinted concrete to make a fun, quirky surface for your driveway.

Pigmented concrete

Aside from the pebbles to be used when creating an exposed aggregate driveway, the concrete used can also be mixed with the pigment of your choice. Professional concrete driveway builders offer a variety of colour options for exposed aggregate concrete projects.

Whether you’re looking to use elegant white and brown pebbles to shine above dark grey coloured concrete, or a mix of warm toned pebbles to blend with brown or sand-coloured concrete, there’s a perfect design for your driveway guaranteed to increase the value of your property.

Smooth or slip-resistant finish

Exposed aggregate concrete for driveway comes with various finishes. If you prefer a flat surface, your driveway can be built to ensure a smooth surface. But if you’re more concerned about creating a strong grip for your driveway, you can opt for a slip-resistant finish instead.

Whichever finish you choose, the durability of the exposed aggregate’s surface will always be guaranteed. For added protection against stains, sealers can be applied on the surface. 

Benefits of exposed aggregate concrete

Apart from its sophisticated and highly customisable design, exposed aggregate concrete has many other benefits when installed in residential properties. These benefits make exposed aggregate concrete driveways a cost-effective investment for property owners.

These are some of its benefits:

Low maintenance

Once installed and fully cured, exposed aggregate concrete driveways do not require expensive maintenance to ensure that it stays in its best shape. Simply clean the surface by gentle brushing and make sure to remove stains before they permanently stick to ensure that your driveway looks its best.


Concrete is one of the most reliable material for construction and renovation projects due to its versatility and durability. Installing exposed aggregate for your driveway, therefore, means having a sturdy, reliable surface.

Resistant against UV rays and foot and vehicle traffic

Exposed aggregate driveway can withstand heavy foot traffic and the weight of regular vehicles, although the presence of larger vehicles is best regulated. Aside from foot and vehicle traffic, exposed aggregate concrete driveways are also capable of holding up and staying robust despite exposure to UV rays. This allows concrete driveways to stay strong and visually appealing even a few good years after installation.

Unique and modern design

If you’re looking to move away from the typical plain finish and want to explore various textures and mix of colors, exposed aggregate concrete is for you. They’re unique, sophisticated, and timeless which make them the perfect material to install in your residential property.

Installing a driveway requires a smart choice of materials and design to ensure that the results prove to be worth every penny spent. After all, your driveway is one of the most visible parts of your property which is why investing in its improvement and long-term quality is necessary.

Apart from choosing the right texture, colours and design for your exposed aggregate concrete driveway, it’s also crucial to choose the right professionals for the job. It’s imperative that every home owner works with concrete builders they can trust.

As much as possible, opt for builders who have ample experience in the concrete building industry and a record of positive work feedback from previous clients. Work with builders who know how to communicate with you to ensure that you get a concrete shared vision for your driveway.

Building the exposed aggregate concrete driveway is a task that must be handed to professionals. However, the property owner still has the final say as to the design, texture and other elements of the project. This is why it is imperative that the owner and builders also maintain an open line of communication.

With the right design and build, your exposed aggregate concrete driveway can make your property stand out. A well-built concrete driveway allows owners to create a great first impression among their guests and have a reliable structure in the exterior of their home. It makes the home look well-maintained, clean and welcoming for everyone.