4 Household Appliances within Rs.10,000

Shopping for household appliances is not only a tedious task but also an expensive one. With numerous appliances invented every day, they tend to add convenience to our lives and save us time. If you’re looking for household appliances within Rs.10,000, here are your options:


Microwaves though initially used to reheat already prepared food, are today used to cook food from scratch. There are specific recipes meant for cooking in a microwave. You can also get one with different settings to cook different varieties of food. The cost of a basic microwave starts at Rs.4,000. However, you could get an advanced model for around Rs.7,000 or higher. However, if you choose a higher capacity model with advanced features, it could cost upwards of Rs.10,000.

Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping and dusting every day is a must because dust and dirt accumulate inside our homes all the time, from leaving the door open, hair fall, spilling food, etc. Sweeping with a broom and a dustpan is time-consuming and can lead to backaches. You can instead use a vacuum cleaner to do this for you. They come with a suction function and dust bags that remove dirt and dust from not only the floors in your house but also furniture. Vacuum cleaners are not very expensive to purchase, the prices start at Rs.3,000.

Water Purifier

It is important to always to drink clean water. Drinking water that is not purified can lead to diseases such as Cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid fever. As the drinking water in India is not already purified, every home must have a water purifier. The starting price of water purifiers is around Rs.4,000, however, they are basic models. If you do not wish to compromise on the quality of drinking water in your home, you should opt for an advanced model that can cost above Rs.10,000.

If you cannot spend a lot on this item at the moment and at the same time do not want to compromise by getting a cheaper model, you could consider getting a water purifier on rent. You can rent one for around Rs.400 per month until you choose to buy it.

Geyser/Water Heater

Most of us need hot water to bathe. So, if you do not want to boil water on your stove every day and pour it into your bucket, you should install a geyser in your house. It is compact and can be fitted into any bathroom. It heats the water in your tank when you turn it on. Depending on the capacity and brand, the average price of a geyser is around Rs.5,000.

Other appliances that are a must

Refrigerators and washing machines are needed in every home. However, they cost more than Rs.10,000 for a decent make and model. Good capacity refrigerators with a freezer cost upwards of Rs.20,000 and washing machines with a dryer cost above Rs.10,000. But they also last for many years, so it is better not to skimp on the quality. However, if you cannot afford a good model right now, you can rent a washing machine and refrigerator online conveniently. They are both priced starting around Rs.400 depending on the features.

There are certain appliances that every household must have because they make our lives much easier and save us time. If at any point you cannot afford a purchase, you could always consider renting.