Saturday, October 1 , 2022

5 Best Nail Making Machine Suppliers

The 5 best nail making machine suppliers are supplying nail making machinery or equipment. They are available 24/7 to respond and serve their clients rapidly. Those suppliers’ list is given below:


1, WAFIOS High Speed Nail Making Machine

Name: Nail Making Machine

Model No. JG-D80

Certification: Ce; ISO

Port: Shanghai, China

Speed: 750PCS/Min


German Advanced Technologies and other independent research and development companies produce the fast speed nail making machine. Although It has lots of advantages of fast speed, easy to use, efficient, stable and appropriate operation.

Total Weight (KG)3200Dimension (nm)2900*1800*1250
Rated Frequency (HZ)50Speed (PCS/min)760
Work Power (V)AC380Nail Length (mm)35-90
Total Power (KW)4Diameter (mm)2.0-3.5

2, Globalsource:

Name: Tungsten Carbide nail making machine

Model No. Mold ZZHJ

Port: China (Mainland)

Contact Supplier: ZHUHOU HUIJIN 


Tungsten carbide nail making machine used to make steel nails. Tools for making nails in machinery are:

Gripper dies

Header dies

Cutter dies

 A wire inserts into a nail making machine that grips by a pair of gripper equipment. The grip holds the wire in its place. A mechanical hammer hits the free end of the wire that forms a unique shape of a nail.

Likewise, the other end of the wire, a shaped cutter set hits the wire that makes the point of the nail and then cut the nail from the wire.

GradeHardness HRADensity G/cm3ISOTRS


Recommended performance
YG2083.513.5K402400Cold & hot forging, cold stamping makes various dies.
YG15C8514K402500Stamping & punching tools, under huge pressure.
YG20C8213.4K402600Impact or wear resistance applications for dies
YG11C86.714.35K402200Metal or non-metal powder are made by stamping or forming dies
YG18C83.513.7K402700Impact the resistance rollers, hot-press forging dies

3, Uniwin Nail Making Machine: Nail Making Machine Expert in China.

Name:  Nail making machine

Port: China

Contact Supplier: Zhengzhou Uniwin Machinery


Insert a small wire into a wire reel by that steel wire inserts into nail making machine. After forming the nails, these cut down by nail making machine.  Though, those nails polish to remove iron dust from the shafts of the nails.

Model- Z94Diameter (mm)Motor (KW)Length (mm)Dimensions (mm)Speed (PCS/min)Weight  (Kg)


4, Enkotec:

Name: Rotary Nail making machine

Port: China

Contact Supplier: Gert Kjeldsen


Enkotec nail making machine is excellent which based on the principle of rotary forming. Meanwhile, this equipment has functions which are the following:

  • Wire cutting
  • Allowing wire feeding
  • Head forming

Enkotec technology provides a lot of advantages as compared to conventional technologies. It has the best nail quality, easy to handle, double capacity, less space requires.  However, it does not produce high noise, high energy consumption and manufacturing process with oil.

5.Longting Brand:

Name: Nail making machine

Port: China

Supplier contact: Longting nail machine


It is one of the 5 best nail making machine. It feeds wire to make a nail. The mechanical hammer hits the free end of a wire which shapes the nail.  On the other hand, the end of the wire shapes by the cutter to make the point of a nail.

ModelPower (W)Length (mm)Speed (PCS/min)Diameter (mm)



In a nutshell, the 5 best nail making machine suppliers are selling the machines through the port of china. Certainly, they are the best suppliers who respond to the clients rapidly and provide genuine, high quality and guaranteed equipment.