What to Expect on Your First Day of Driving Lessons

For anyone of legal age, learning how to drive is an essential step to independence. It affirms your rights under the law and gives you the power to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Your first days of driving lessons can be mixed with excitement and nervousness, which can even give you some light-headedness and a series of palpitations.

Nonetheless, getting the help of a friendly driving lesson as in EzLicence will make everything appear smoother than you previously anticipated. It would be a breeze once you are behind the wheels and have set your mind on learning defensive driving. Here’s what you can expect on your first day of driving lessons. 

Assessing Your Driving Level and Competency

A good thing about today’s driving lesson industry is the availability of online service providers that can help you customise your schedules based on your availability. Gone are the days when you have to fit your timetable based on the institution’s timeline. Today’s environment gives you the ability to set the training times according to your demands.

Assessment of your driving level and competency is the first step to working on a rigid plan. It would allow the instructor to create an effective program that meets your goals towards the future licencing exams. Also, consider your first day of lessons as an exciting time to learn and familiarise yourself with all the utilities and gears you need to use. 

Driving lessons often take several hours – mostly a 120-hour logbook preconditioned requirements before you are considered for the licencing test. Also, the first hour will be counted as three hours off your logbook requirements.

The first day of driver training also includes working on the Ps test pointers with the initial Keys2drive program, a free 60-minute government-funded driver’s lesson intended for learners who have never driven on their own.

Juggling the First Few Days of Your Learner Driver Lesson

The initial driver lesson is designed for licence holders with no previous experience. A person with driving practice but has not qualified for a driver’s licence can also benefit from going through the driving lessons of EzLicence. These will assess your competency level and tailor a curriculum meant to address your skills. 

The Australian Government also offers the Key2drive lesson aimed towards giving a learner the theoretical concepts and on-road elements of driving. This lasts an hour with the learner driver and the driving instructor giving you lead on the necessary decision-making skills required while on the road.

Going Beyond the First Driving Lesson Day

Continuous training and driving skills enhancement follow the day after your first-hand driving experience. Your instructor will follow the tailored lesson plan, which was initially developed. The duration of your training days often varies based on your ability to grasp concepts and acquire the required driving skills. 

Nonetheless, what makes online driving lessons like EzLicence convenient is finding the appropriate times to complete your course. You do not have to stick to a rigid schedule as the training period can be adjusted according to your leisure times.

The convenience of your driving training falls on the precept of doing everything online. You need not stick to a rigid schedule or an instructor because you have a say to your driving education.