5 Metrics to Check if You Qualify for a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa

Have you heard about the Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa? It is a type of visa granted to Australia workers with the potential for being granted into permanent residency. Formerly known as the 457 visa class, it was recently updated into the Subclass 482 TSS visa on March 18, 2018.

This temporary visa is typically shouldered or sponsored either by an Overseas Business Sponsor or a Standard Business Sponsor. The sponsor will have to secure permission first before they are granted the authority to take on a patron’s role for employees that they deem are qualified to apply for the TSS. 

They must also make sure that the people or staff they nominate for the application meet the said visa requirements. Fortunately, there is no age limit set for the application. The standards are more inclined towards the nature of the applicant’s job and the conditions within the company where they are employed.

Listed below are some of the categories that are usually checked to verify an applicant or nominee’s eligibility for the visa:

  • Skills

The main reason why some employers sponsor the TSS is because they have migrant staff who possess skills, dexterity and work experience for a particular job position that they find difficult to source from Australian staff or job applicants. 

To possess this level of expertise, applicants or nominees need to possess a minimum of two years of work experience in the job position or field. An assessment of the applicant’s skills and depth of expertise is done to check whether they have sufficient background on the job and if they are competent enough to qualify.

  • Health

Generally, good health or zero history of any serious illness is ideal. This is to ensure that the applicant is physically fit enough to fulfill the role and the nominated position for the visa. Otherwise, if they have underlying health conditions that hamper their work performance and consistent attendance in their workplace, it also lowers their visa application chances.

  • English Proficiency

Besides commendable and sufficient work experience and skills, applicants also need to be fluent in speaking English. Preferably, they must be familiar with Aussie terms and slangs. After all, communication is a key factor in assessing their capabilities and ensuring that they can  adapt to increasing work demands.

  • Licensing and Membership

The majority of skills and work experiences qualified under the TSS application requirements need verification that the applicant or nominee has duly passed all the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a license related to their career. Licenses and registration testify that their skills and work experience have been recognized and evaluated by the appropriate authorities. More importantly, licensed professionals usually have genuine credentials to prove their validity for the application.

  • Character

A clean record with zero violations of the law or any signs of disputes and altercations with other society members is a crucial component of a Temporary Skills Shortage TSS Visa application. If they have a spotless record on how they have conducted themselves within the community, it instantly becomes a green light towards the possibility of being granted the TSS visa. Good character is an indication that the individual has exhibited the positive qualities that employers look for in a dependable and efficient staff.

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