Breakaway Lanyards Are the Perfect Kids Accessories for Face Masks

The year 2020 has brought us the COVID-19 pandemic; hence, wearing face masks has also become part of our daily lives. When going outside, experts said that everyone from 2 years old and up should wear a face mask. But wearing a mask, especially for long periods, can impact the comfort level of the kids. 

This is where breakaway lanyards for masks come in to save the day. Lanyards prevent the face mask from being misplaced or lost, particularly for kids who like to take off their masks from time to time. With the breakaway lanyard, your child can keep their mask close and quickly wear it again. 

Emphasize Functionality and Safety

Probably the topmost reason to use a breakaway lanyard is the convenience it provides for the wearer. For kids who are in school or in other places that require them to wear face masks for hours on end, they are bound to feel uncomfortable one way or the other. When your child takes a break from their face mask, the breakaway lanyard will hang it around the neck. 

Wearing a lanyard prevents your child from laying the mask down anywhere, shoving in their bag or pocket and then digging to get it afterward.  It also keeps the face mask from dropping on the ground. All of this can increase the risks of contamination. Breakaway lanyards are not only practical and stylish; they also keep the masks clean, keeping your child safe from viruses. 

Children tend to pull and grab their lanyards. The breakaway clasp feature makes it easy for the lanyard to split open when tugged or snagged vigorously; thus, preventing accidents from occurring like choking. Therefore, it is a vital feature in lanyard for kids. 

Color and Material Options for Lanyards

When choosing lanyards for your kid, there are several materials available. Some popular materials for lanyards are nylon, polyester, PVC, satin, neoprene, cotton, and elastic. Find out if your child is allergic to any of these materials, so you know what to avoid. All of these materials are durable, lightweight, economical, and comfortable. 

But, each of them has a certain characteristic. Cotton is particularly soft and eco-friendly, polyester is ideal for dye sublimation, elastic is stretchable, neoprene is water-resistant, PVC is flexible, and satin allows you to imprint a logo or name. When it comes to colors, there are fun and cool options that your kid will like. 

Durability and comfort are essential factors to consider when choosing breakaway lanyards for masks, regardless of the material and color you pick. If your child wears a mask and lanyard throughout the day, then the thing around their next should be comfortable and durable. Do not forget to wash and clean the lanyard, no matter what type you choose for your kid. 

Consider the Size of the Breakaway Lanyards

Opt for the appropriate length and width of the lanyard for the face mask. Choose a length that fits well with the height of your child. A lanyard that is too long can look awkward and feel uncomfortable as it hangs incredibly low. While you should go for a short length lanyard, make sure it is not too short and cause discomfort. Also, avoid getting those wider ones that could be unmanageable and unwieldy. 

Today, face masks and face shields are important things in our lives. With this, people are starting to think of ways on how to use these essentials much easier. One excellent accessory is the breakaway lanyards for masks

Children can forget their face masks once they take them off. They also lack awareness of the proper handling of their masks. Fortunately, the lanyards make sure that both the mask and the child are clean and safe from viruses.