5 Things To Take Care Of When Planning An Event

Planning an event can be a daunting and stressful process. Time is never enough and there are always some last-minute details left. You have to make a checklist in order to make sure everything is going according to how you planned. Here are a few things you should take care of in order to work efficiently and plan a smooth event:

1. Identifying The Purpose Of The Event

Step one is to know what kind of event it is going to be so the rest of the planning can go accordingly.

  • Is it a fundraiser?
  • Is it an office gathering?
  • Is it a launch party for a new product?

You need to know what kind of audience you are catering to so you know what venue would be appropriate and what seating arrangement has to be made, whether you have to call in a speaker, a band or plan something else to keep the guests entertained.

2. Make A Budget

The most important thing about planning an event is making a budget and sticking to it. Whether it is an event on a small scale or a large scale, there are numerous expenses to be managed.

Take into account every little thing that could incur a cost and make an estimate. Look at the previous events held to get an idea of the expenses. You don’t want to spend mindlessly without planning and being surprised when the bills start coming in.

Take all the costs into account from the venue to decorations to all the little logistical details.

3. Make A-Team

It’s not a one-man job to carry out an event successfully. Make a team with people you trust and divide the work among them. Make one person in charge of the food vendors, one person to take care of the venue and decorations and seating arrangements, one person should handle the marketing for the event and get sponsors if required and so on.

Shared work is always better because this way you don’t feel like you’re carrying the weight for the whole event on your shoulders and this makes the planning less stressful and more enjoyable experience for you.

4. Promote Your Event

You have to start marketing your event well in advance in order for it to be a success. Know the audience you are trying to attract and make them want to attend your event.

You can do that by letting them know what they’ll learn, who they will meet and why they should be there and also why their presence is important you.

Find sponsors for your event.

Make a marketing strategy.

Make use of social media to advertise.

Create interesting hashtags, make promotional videos.

Get bloggers on board so they can spread the word to their followers, ask your guests or speakers to promote and invite people to the event.

The more exposure you get, the better

5. Carry Out A Last Minute Check

Last-minute here means 24 hours before the event.

Call and confirm all the vendors, make sure everything is organized at the venue.

Get an approximate idea of how many guests will be attending so you are prepared to cater to them. Have first aid and a plan B ready in case of emergency or any unfortunate incidents.

Don’t leave anything for the day of the event.

Get everything ready beforehand so you can also take part and enjoy the event you have planned.

Also, consider hiring the services of well-known event planners to ensure things do not go haywire.