Quest For Better Grades – Habits That Will Turn Your Mark Sheet Upside Down

With all the growing learning platforms, online classes and online homework help services are growing at par. No one wants to stay back, everyone these days wants to stand out. When it comes to academic excellence, the right study skills can make all the difference.

For anyone working towards a goal or aspiration like opting for a medical entrance exam preparation institute or maybe a  piano grade exam, preparing early and smart can provide you with the boost to ace your exams. However, studying without a plan isn’t going to do the trick every time.

Active study sessions can be harder than the usual online classes to achieve but not impossible. It takes time to get into the right habits. Procrastination, low motivation, poor time management are the bane to your effectiveness.

Some tips before you start:

1.  Have a healthy and balanced diet

Having a healthy and balanced diet is of paramount importance. It nourishes your body and helps you stay active and agile. You can always search for a trusted source online and plan a well-balanced diet. However, the secret is to follow it religiously and see the difference.

2.  Get sufficient sleep

Well, just studying, studying and more studying compromising on those vital sleeping hours is doing you no good. The trick is to prepare a timetable which you can follow. Ensure that it has sufficient time allocated for sleep. It will help your body and mind to recharge and start afresh.

3.  Don’t Procrastinate, develop the habit to get the work done right away

This is perhaps one of the most crucial things which should be adopted. Procrastination is equivalent to just killing your time which could have been productive and fruitful. You need to understand this quickly and inculcate the habit of getting things done right away. It is always the best option and you are the biggest beneficiary of the same.

4.  Make time for your friends, have a laugh and stay happy

You should never compromise on happiness and fun-filled times because you are on a journey to achieve something. Remember that the time gone is never going to come back. The advice here is to manage your time wisely. Make friends, share some light moments, enjoy life, and stay happy. You will find that it’s always the best thing to do in the long run.

5.  Exercise regularly as it boosts blood circulation in the body

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – Your body is your biggest asset and you need to stay fit and healthy in order to reap the fruits of your success. There is no meaning of success if you are not healthy and at peace to enjoy the perks which come along.

If you’re having trouble concentrating then these small tricks will help:

  1. Get enough rest and stay hydrated
  2. Plan your study sessions and work towards your goal. For starters, have less workload which increases on successive sessions.
  3. Avoid multi-tasking; having more than you can handle only increases stress and lowers motivation.
  4. Divide your sessions into small parts and take sufficient breaks. Also, reward yourself when you complete a milestone in that session.

We often find ourselves lacking the amount of time we spend studying. Well here’s one of many ways to deal with that.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Plan your day; always look at the big picture. What are your goals for the day? That sets your priorities straight. Balance your social life and academics; some parties are worth skipping for better grades.

A sharp memory is essential as most of the examination patterns are set to test the concepts and lessons taught in classes. Improving your memory power is a sure shot way to improve grades.

However, improving your memory power can be tricky if you don’t have the habit of understanding the concepts before just mugging it up.

Here are some ways by which you can retain more information for any test or assignment.

  1. Create pictures when learning. Our brain has a better tendency to remember images than any other material. It’s a proven fact.
  2. Try making the lesson more meaningful as new concepts are built upon existing ones. Association is an excellent method of remembering things.
  3. Frequent revision can also improve the retention capacity of the brain. Remember the steps of a process as a story. Like the story of water; droplet starts from the ocean where it gets vaporized into the clouds and back to the sea. Easy!
  4. Get a study group together; your buddies can help you much on your quest for high grades. Here you can take part in active learning. Teach what you were taught on that day and you will discover some gaps. Take those gaps to your teacher or solve it yourself, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.
  5. Always test yourself and work on the hard stuff first. Our brain tends to remember things that it struggled solving. There are plenty of trusted online sources.

The Verdict

Good study habits are essential not just for learning, but also for industries and other sectors. A quick learner has a better capability to survive and grow in a hostile environment. As he rises, he opens more opportunities for himself. Success is not achieved in a day, it’s achieved with persistence.

You are the only one responsible for your future. So, start working towards a successful future today!