The Coinbase Platform Now Supports Tezos Trading Online and on Apps

The largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase, has recently announced the support launch of Tezos(XTZ) on their site, as we as the Android and iOS versions of the Coinbase  apps.  This announcement comes with their purpose of expanding their Coinbase Pro listing.

Through a blog post, Coinbase announced their move to integrate Tezos into their existing listings. The availability of Tezosa trading caused a major rally in XTZ’s price just a few days after the news was announced. Tezos’s price increased by almost 11% during the press time of this announcement.

According to the announcement, coinbase support will be able to buy, sell, convert, send, receive and even store XTZ freely. This, however, comes with an exception for New York State-based customers due to it being a major site of crypto litigation. However, they will soon have an answer for that. Recently, they also announced that two new board members with experience in New York’s banking and financial system had joined them.

Adding Tezos to their list has proven once again that Coinbase is a platform for professional traders. Through this move, it proves to expand itself for a wider audience. The trading platform ensures smooth working and is always ready to assist its customers through the Coinbase customer service number. They make sure that their customer’s problems and queries are sorted out without any negligence, irrespective of their location or the time.

Additionally, Coinbase proudly announced that they will be exploring support for eight other digital assets, like Algorand (ALGO), Cosmos (ATOM), Dash (DASH), Decred (DCR), Matic (MATIC), Harmony (ONE), Ontology (ONT) and Waves (WAVES).

Due to the ever-shifting balance of the digital currency ecosystem, Coinbase is careful enough not to guarantee any future support for other unnamed assets. However, these announcements alone guaranteed growth in their customer base and support system.

If you are a customer with Coinbase, then you are well aware of the insightful Coinbase customer support network and security. However, if you are new to the crypto world, opting to use Coinbase for buying, selling and trading is a good option, considering their versatility and service base.