5 Tips for Becoming an Influencer Couple

When you’re in a relationship that brings you endless joy, it’s understandable to want to celebrate it on social media by sharing photos, videos, and stories featuring you and your boo. If the two of you create quality content, your followers will enjoy it as much as you do, and you may just reach social media stardom as a couple.

If that’s your goal, here are a few tips to guide your posting:

Keep Up With Trends and Start Some of Your Own

It’s easy for simple games and photo prompts to spread across the internet with the use of hashtags and reposting. For an adorable photo op, rocking coordinated looks like couples matching underwear sets is a great way to go.

Celebrity couples from Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have sported matching looks for the camera, and so can you. For those couples that already copy each other’s style inadvertently, this one’s a no-brainer.

Share Original, Creative Content

What makes you and your boo different from every other couple on social media? You know what makes you unique, and there are many ways to translate that into your social media content.

One famous couple based in India creates posts about current issues and news stories to inform their audience about history, society, and politics. They’ve garnered a huge following with their easy-to-digest, factual content, which helps them stand out as influencers.

You and your S.O. can do the same, even if your page focuses fully on your relationship or other, more casual topics.

You might edit your photos to fit an aesthetic for your whole page, document your traveling, shopping, or cooking adventures, or share personal stories in the captions of your posts.

Any or all of these can make your audience feel more connected with you, encouraging them to like, comment, and share your posts.

Keep It Frequent and Consistent

You might be caught up in the effort of making sure every picture you post is flawlessly composed, integrated with your feed’s color theme, and completed with a clever, topical caption. That can be a fun challenge, but it’s just as important that you maintain consistency with posts.

Make sure you and your S.O. share a photo or video with your followers on a regular basis so that your followers know to stick around and keep engaging with you.

Get to Know Your Followers

As you and your S.O. grow your social media presence, it can be helpful to show people that you’re looking to build not only a following but a community.

In addition to making posts and following accounts you like or want attention from, you may also want to leave comments on other accounts and respond to comments and messages you and your S.O. receive. When you feel ready, the two of you can do some Q&A with your followers by filming a video or opening a live chat.

Having a famous shared account can have various effects on your life, like boosting the following you have on your personal social media accounts.

Additionally, Pew Research found that of people aged 18-29 in serious relationships who go online, 45 percent feel their relationship has been affected by the internet.

As an influencer couple, you and your S.O. will certainly feel an impact: Becoming famous on social media comes with the pressure of having your relationship in the spotlight.

However, that challenge is an opportunity to bond with the person you love and improve your communication and teamwork. It’s also worth considering the impact you’ll have on your followers and their relationships — promoting love and authenticity will help make sure that impact is a positive one.