Sports Betting

5 Tips for Beginners to Sports Betting

Sports Betting

There are 2 types of gamblers in the world. The ones that will seek a gambling site and enjoy the odd slot or table game, or the others that enjoy a solid bet slip. In both cases, you can either indulge in some online gambling or make your way to a land-based casino or betting shop. This is gambling in 2020. Today we share with you some tips on how to master the art of sports betting, and walk away with some moolah out of it …

Bet on a sport that you like and know well.

One of the golden rules of sports betting is betting on sports that you know. For example, if you are a football fanatic and know the rules of the game inside out, then we suggest you go for it. If you know the players, their career, their goal history, and even their track record, you can take your betting to another level and even bet on how many goals the said player will score. The likelihood is that if you use this betting strategy, you will win.

When you land at a sportsbook site, you will see ample sports and betting options available to you. A tip from us to you: hold back. Yes, your hands might be itching to place a bet or two on the new sport the site is offering, but if you know nothing about the sports and the team/athlete’s track record, you would just be setting yourself up to a loss.

Choose the sports wisely, look at the odds, consider looking at previous games and events and if you feel comfortable with the sports, go ahead or go all in for the win. It would be unwise to place bets on a team or sport you are not acquainted with.

Having said that, there will always be some exceptions. Let’s take the Joshua vs Ruiz boxing fight for example. That was the night we lost our first bet slip in the boxing sphere. But we won them back again in the rematch!

Know the Basics and the tricks of the trade

Sportsbetting is on a different spectrum as opposed to casino gambling. If you are a casino fanatic and player, it does not mean that you are great sports better. So, in short, you would need to learn about sports betting, the bet slips on offer, the odds, accumulators, and so on. The good news is that some of the biggest sports sites out there offer you tutorials and even guides on how to crack the sports betting world.

Read, read and read some more. Scoop some offers that the site would offer you, and once you feel like you are equipped with all the skills and you are ready to rumble go ahead. However remember, that reading about sports betting is a must here.  For your reading time investment, you will potentially secure winning money, so use the learning the tricks time wisely and diligently. For those that are not yet totally up to speed on their sport, or those that just want to take advantage of every opportunity they can, there are online handicapping services like those at that can provide all sorts of tips for those willing to read.

Keep track of your moolah and plan your money strategy

Spending all your play money on one event that you are not 100% sure of is quite risky. So, management of your money is key when attempting your luck at sports betting. Every wager that you make should be a calculated move, yes just like in the movies we hear you say.

If you are sure of a sporting event, you can spend some more on that wager, however, we always suggest that if you have X amount of money to use, you spread this amount amongst various sporting events.

Reading betting guides will also benefit you in this case, and you will realize that betting sites will suggest the same concept.  If you have 50 Euros to spend and you are a team/athlete for the win, use 20 or maybe 25 max. The rest can be used on other betting strategies.  Split bets will never see you walk away empty-handed after all.

Find and trusted site

Many bookmaker reviews are out there. Their task is to lure you in and get you to sign up and bet on your favorite events. What we strongly suggest is that you read the reviews and do your research wisely.  We do the research to make sure that the site you place your bets at is trusted, secure and if you win, pays.
We always suggest that you read other gamblers feedback and comments before you sign up. How were the odds compared to other sites? How long did the winning funds take to reach you? Are there any hidden charges?  These are all things to consider.

Lucky for you, bookmakers reviews would also include blacklisted sites, the ones with a bad reputation,. Stay away from the sites, as they are not worth your time or money.

Discipline, discipline, and more discipline. 

If you are a newcomer to the scene or a seasoned sports betting mogul, discipline is always an asset to have. If not, develop the trait. When you are new to the scene and secure a win, it is very easy to let your emotions and good winning vibes take over. Suggestion from us: Don’t. If you win and you are happy with the win walk away until a better event with better odds comes along.

There are other instances when the odds are not in your favor, but you will have that itch to bet on the team you support. Why do that to yourself?  Odd compilers are there to set odds and show you where the probability lies for a win. Use that even if your team or athlete is not favored to win.
Sometimes it is wise to have various bets and make sure that these will eventually grant you a win, albeit small.