6 myths and facts about the water you need to know

We are surrounded by all types of myths and misconceptions that it becomes quite difficult to understand the facts. There are some myths that have continued since ancient times and though scientific evidence has proved otherwise, we still believe in them. Here, we will talk about some very popular myths related to water. Myths related to high pH water to several glasses per day to several benefits of drinking water and so on. The problem with us is that we don’t doubt when some myths start making rounds around us and we just believe for the sake of it. However, when it comes to water myths, this is an eye-opener blog that you need to read and share among your friends and peers. 

Let’s start with the most popular myth about water. 


  • You are thirsty means you are dehydrated 


We have seen our elders repeating this same cliché thing so many times in our lives that we simply believed it. Well, this is not the fact. 


When it comes to regulating water percentage in the body, your body is very good at it. When the blood is more concentrated, there is very little fluid in it and this is known as the Osmolality. When it is high, you are dehydrated and you need to drink water. Now, see how smart our body is. When fluid in the blood rises by two to five percent, our body will start signalling the mind about the same and we will feel thirsty. It means, the body alerts the mind in advance before actual dehydration starts. Isn’t it a beautiful system? So, when you are feeling thirsty, you are not dehydrated, but you might soon become one if you don’t drink water. 


  • Bottled water is just tap water in a bottle 


“Why are you spending money on bottled water? It is just tap water packaged in a shining bottle.” We must have heard this dialogue amongst our friends or colleagues or family members and we might have believed in it too. However, this is just a myth.


When water is brought to the distilled water or purified water facility from any municipal sources, it goes through several water-purifying techniques and processes to get rid of all types of toxic substances, chemical pollutants and other impurities. Whether it is natural alkaline water or purified water, it must meet the purified standards set by the controlling authorities. Some of these treatments are Ozonation, reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization and others. In a hygienic environment, water is placed in a bottle and then sold to the customers. 


  • There will be a global shortage of water 


“The third world war will be for water.” A cliché line of conversations among friends and connections, but don’t panic, nothing of this sort will happen and no world wars are going to have in recent times. It is just another myth about water which needs to be demystified. 


The total quantity of water is almost 360 quintillion gallons on the planet and it is here to stay and not going anywhere. So the myth that our planet is running out of water is just a myth and nothing else. The earth’s hydrologic cycle is a closed system and the process is also the same: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Infiltration and so on. The amount of liquid water has increased compared to what it was before a few decades. So chill and relax. Our planet is safe and has enough water. 


  • You don’t need as much water in winter 


Well, just welcome another myth related to water that has no substance. Let’s crack it. 


Most of the time, the argument is our body doesn’t lose fluids in winter seasons compared to summer. Now, it is partially true, but our body does lose fluids in winter too, especially due to drier air. The moisture in the air decreases as the winter arrives and the result is you need more fluids in the body. So continue your regular water consumption in winter too. Don’t trust this myth. 


  • Everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day 


Well, even health experts suggest this and become a carrier to spread this wrong information. Even the latest Institute of Medicine has recommended that women should drink almost 2 litres or eight glasses a day and men should aim for 3 litres or 12 glasses a day. Now, this is false information and we need to discuss it to straighten it out.


Modern fitness professionals and healthcare practitioners believe that the total beverage consumption must be counted, and not just water. The new requirements from the Institute of Medicine are quite generous and thoughtful and don’t mention 8 glasses a day or nothing of that sort.


  • Drinking more water helps in weight loss 


Well, even though your fitness trainer asks you to increase your daily water consumption and supports it with this argument, cut him short and let him know that you read. Yes, this is another myth by fitness experts and dietary trainers which isn’t true. 


Drinking more water does not help you directly with the weight loss program, but can support it. For example, If you drink water instead of any beverage high in calories, you might end up increasing your daily calorie consumption. Water can cut it and also, it will make you feel fuller and you might eat less. Also, cold water might boost your metabolism. So, indirectly, water can play a role in your weight loss program, but no evidence supports that drinking Purest water benefits in weight loss. 


Water is the easiest available and most economical fluid to keep your body hydrated, you need to learn about some myths associated with it to simply educate yourself. Most of the myths are created by the fitness and healthcare industry where they benefit from spreading these myths about high pH water, alkaline and acidic water, tap water and bottled water and others. Hope this post has helped you to crush those myths you thought to be true.