Video Montages

7 Hacks That Will Make Video Montages A Child’s Play

Video Montages

Are you someone who prefers videos over photos on any given day? Is your mobile phoneout or camera filled with travel or personal videos that you go back to repeatedly in your off-time? If yes, then making creative video montages may just become your favorite pastime after reading this article.

A montage is primarily a video that is created by superimposing or juxtaposing various shorter videos or images in a fast-paced manner, thereby conveying a single story or an idea within a short span of time. A montage is an extremely creative way of assimilating many memories in a single video.

Well, the definition of a montage might understandably be ambiguous, but, in reality, making a montage is not quite complicated. Even if you are a beginner, you should also be making credible montages with our fantastic hacks. Here’s sharing seven secret hacks that will make creating video montages a child’s play: 

1. Always Seek To Tell A Story

Video-making is all about story-telling. Montages are essentially extremely creative videos that seek to tell a lot within a specific period of time. It won’t really make sense if you try to juxtapose unrelated video snippets – the cohesiveness vital to a montage will be lost.

To make things simpler, in the beginning, you can choose a crux and make things revolve around it. For example, if you want a newborn kid to feature in your video, base the montage’s theme around her. This will make the montage much more creative yet easier to make.

2. Stick To Similar Tools For Recording Videos

Whether it is your first time creating a montage or if you are a pro, you wouldn’t want your videos to have fluctuating quality, right? To solve this issue, always make sure that the tools you use – whether your cellphone or your camera – promise decent quality videos. 

In case some of your videos are taken on camera and some on your phone, try to stick to a phone that has reasonably good video quality. Ensuring this will make your editing easier and delight your audiences with exceptional quality videos. 

Also, it is always important to capture video on a device that enables you to save the raw files to your computer. 

3. Quality Sound Matters A Lot

When it comes to montages, you might want to keep the natural sound. However, adding some dialogues from your favorite movies here and there – albeit if it aligns with the montage – may make a world of difference to the video.

In case you are wondering how to add dialogues and songs to your video, you may just convert it from YouTube. Using an online youtube to mp3 converter new allows everyone to download audio files of chosen YouTube videos. It is a relatively straightforward process for even beginners to deal with.

4. Save And Organize Your Videos Properly

No one will tell you this, but properly organizing your videos is extremely crucial in creating montages. This is because unlike regular videos, which are generally taken at a stretch or successively, videos for montages are taken over a prolonged period of time. As such, it becomes pretty imperative to have a safe bank to store all the videos for future use.

There are plenty of places where editors can store their videos. Two of the most used platforms to store videos and photos are Dropbox and Google Drive. Of course, you can use iCloud as well if you’re an Apple user.

Since these platforms are mostly free up to a limit, you may also want to purchase a subscription to keep your videos safe until you use them.

Lastly, always have different folders to keep videos for varied montages. Otherwise, after some time, the mismanagement of your video files might affect your editing.

5. Stick To Basic Visual Effects

All creative video-makers love to try out visual effects while editing their videos. However, adding visual effects in montages can be pretty tricky – you have to maintain the cohesiveness in the videos and not make it too packed with visual effects.

However, there is no denying that visual effects make your montages look exceedingly attractive. So, if you are a beginner, it is always a safer bet to add basic visual effects. In doing so, you would be able to keep up with the trends without going overboard with the editing. 

6. Where To Edit As A Beginner

Many video templates allow the creation of montages. However, as a newbie in video editing, you would want to keep it extremely simple without compromising on the quality. 

For creative talents looking to make montages, online video editors come in as a useful resource, especially when you want to put those videos on social media. You can find some free software online with a plethora of tools and effects that are more suited for beginners.

If you are fed up of asking around as to what is the best free youtube video editor, InVideo is definitely the platform to look out for. They also have a detailed tutorial on their website to help new creators shine with their craft.

7. Always Add Title And End Credits To The Video

It doesn’t matter if you are making the video for YouTube or for yourself: it is always advisable to add a title and end credits to it. This will help your audience resonate with the video better. 

If you are creating the video for personal use, years down the line when you rewatch the video, you will be able to remember the exact details and efforts that went behind creating the video. 

There are numerous graphic design platforms that make creating video slides effortless yet innovative. Just attach the slides to your video while editing, and you’ll be good to go!

Wrapping Up

Making montages is like creating a moving album from a particular episode of life. Yes, it is a bit challenging to put together, especially for beginners. But is there any fun in learning something new and expressing yourself creatively without faltering on a few steps?

Hopefully, this compilation of simple hacks will help you in creating your first montage extremely easy and efficient. Good luck!