A Look at the Advantages of Split-Type Air Conditioning for Smaller Commercial Spaces

If you have been on the lookout for the perfect air conditioning for your office space or business establishment, then you may already be aware that there are different types available. Window units may have been popular in the past, but a lot of manufacturers are no longer producing them and it may be better for you to choose more advanced units such as split-type air conditioners. Split-type units are, in fact, a lot more popular today, especially for smaller office or commercial spaces, but what should you know about these units? More importantly, are they the best fit for your space? Here’s a look at the advantages of split-type air conditioning for smaller commercial or business spaces. 

What are they?

Here’s what you should know: split-type units come in various forms, but they have one major aspect in common – they will often have one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. The outdoor component will be bulkier than the indoor one because it contains the system’s compressor. The indoor unit, on the other hand, is quiet and can also be quite discreet, enabling you to install it in most spaces or areas without hassle. 

The advantages 

  • A lot more powerful and secure compared to window or single units 

There can be no doubt that more consumers are going for split-type air conditioners because they are often more powerful compared to single or window units. And unlike some types of air conditioning units where you need to have a window open so hot air can go through the unit’s hose, split-type units are more secure. The system’s outdoor component will already have the compressor, expansion coil, and condenser coil inside it so it can remove the heat from the room, and you don’t need to crank a window open, making your property more secure.

  • More efficient and quieter 

If you’re thinking of window-type units or even portable units, there’s another advantage that split-type units have over these: it’s more efficient and quieter, and this is something that an expert commercial air conditioning company like https://www.sub-cool-fm.co.uk/commercial-air-conditioning can attest to. The reason why split-type units are quieter is that the bulky part of the AC system is located outdoors. Most split units also have remote control and you can even program the temperature so it stays at a regulated, comfortable temperature throughout the day and night. 

  • A healthier environment indoors 

Window units may cool the air, but a split-type unit, especially a more advanced one, can do so much more. For example, most split-type units will have an air filter, and this can protect the AC coils from being damaged by big particles. They can also come with finer filters as well as air purification features that can remove dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical pollutants, and nasty odours. This leaves your indoor environment cleaner and purer, with much better air quality for everyone inside. 

Split-type units are a more practical solution for air conditioning nowadays because you can easily control your indoor climate and keep it within one or two degrees of your ideal setting. You can even set the swing of the louvres and set their direction, which makes for an even more comfortable indoor environment overall!