An Effective Moving Guide For The Procrastinators!

An Effective Moving Guide For The Procrastinators!

Moving to a new place is full of fun and excitement as you’ll be exploring so many new things and places. However, failing to prepare yourself on time can bitter your moving experience. That’s why it is extremely important to have proper planning and timely execution. 

An Effective Moving Guide For The Procrastinators!

When moving to a new destination, the associated moving tasks are huge. According to the experts at trusted local moving companies associated with, moving tasks become more problematic when we willingly procrastinate them. One needs to complete several moving tasks before the final moving day arrives. The tasks like listing, packing the household items, and loading them into the moving truck can’t be managed in a few hours. It requires adequate time to perform such moving responsibilities. But if you tend to procrastinate the tasks willingly, you may end up with the worst moving experience. 

So, what’s the way then? Well, we have got an expert guide for you to prevent procrastination during moving preparations. Considering the expert guide below will eventually help you achieve a smooth moving experience. Let’s have a sincere look!

Do You Have Enough Time? 

Time is a big factor for planning and executing the moving process. So, it would be better to ask yourself if you have still enough time left to perform the moving tasks with ease. 

For instance, if you have only a couple of days left, it would be best to opt for a full moving service. Contact a reputed mover and shoulder all the moving responsibilities. It may work best for you as you have very little time left for all the moving tasks. 

On the contrary, if you have at least 1 week in hand, you may easily complete all the tasks before time. Take a day or two off from the office, make an effective plan and start doing the moving tasks accordingly. 

Get the Required Packing Stuff Ready

Well, you have only 7 days left to complete all the tasks. You may be wondering about where to start! Right? 

No worries! The first thing you need to do is get the essential packing supplies from the nearby stores. Subsequently, gather all the packing supplies in a single place so that you won’t face difficulties in finding them. 

The packing stuff you’ll be required are as follows;

  • Moving boxes of all sizes (small, medium, large) / Sturdy Storage Bins
  • Packing Tape gun
  • Packing adhesive tape
  • A Scissor
  • Multi-color markers for marking
  • Packing paper for all the general items
  • Bubble wrap for fragile items
  • Mover’s stretch wrap

Prepare an Effective Checklist

Once you get all the packing supplies, now it’s time to prepare an effective checklist for the household items. List down all the items that you wish to take to the new place. It would be best to keep in mind to eliminate such things that are no longer in use. So, make sure that the packing checklist you’re preparing doesn’t contain any unnecessary items. Note down only the necessary items you wish to have in the new place. 

Additionally, consider making the list room-wise. It will eventually help you to make the packing checklist in less time. 

Start Packing the Items

Well, if you’re done making the packing checklist, now pile up all the listed items room-wise and start packing them gently. Use packing papers for packing all the items. For added protection, you can use bubble wrap for wrapping household items. 

Well, apart from the general items, take extra precautions for protecting the fragile items. The fragile items are too risky to carry from one place to another as they can be easily damaged or broken during a move. So, it is best to use double bubble wrapping for fragile items. It will work as an added protection to them.

Well, as you’re aware of the mentioned 4 steps, consider focusing on your moving tasks now!

What to Avoid During the Process?

Only knowing and performing the mentioned steps may not help you much if you lack consistency in the process. Your motive isn’t performing the moving tasks but to complete them all before the moving day finally arrives.

So, focusing on what not to do is equally important as doing the associated tasks!

Please don’t spend much time seeing old photos.

Stop watching TV and playing video games during the process.

Don’t be so shy to seek assistance from your family members. Instead, ask them to come and help you in the process. It will eventually help you to finish the tasks in less time.


Moving is a real hectic process to perform. So, often we get procrastinated as we want to get rid of all the monotonous moving tasks. However, considering the guide will eventually reduce the probability of getting procrastinated. And you will achieve a successful moving experience effortlessly!