Repair Tips To Prevent A Panic Situation At Home

In this age of the internet, it only takes a few milliseconds to run a query on Google and find the solution. Learning new skills has never been easier. When the skill building comes at no cost, you can easily imagine a lawyer taking care of the plumbing disasters or a doctor fixing the wiring system. After all, Google teaches everything, but does it? The DIY trend sounds catchy, but it comes with its own associated set of risks. 

Home is considered to be the safest place for an individual. The statistics, however, present a different picture. According to Safewise, of all the fatal accidents in America, 25% are motor vehicle accidents, while the rest are attributed to unintentional home accidents during repairs or home improvement. 

The situation in Europe is quite similar. Most of these cases result in a lack of expertise during home repair tasks. It’s best first to develop a deep understanding of the mechanisms and the tools involved for each type of repair. A two-minute video might make it look easy, but the case may be otherwise practically. Hiring a professional for some important repair maintenance can save your time and, most importantly, your life. However, since it’s your home and you want to make sure you know it brick by brick, here are ten useful repair tips to avoid any panic situation. 

Now let’s dive into some repair tips that can help you prevent a panic situation at home. 

10 Repair Tips

Water Leaks and Clogs

A plumbing mishap has the potential to damage everything. Your most expensive wooden furniture can get soaked in drainage water in a matter of minutes if the situation gets out of hand. Although there is still an option to consult a Water Damage Advisor, it’s best to mitigate the causes by following some basic guidelines. Preventing clogs in drain pipes can save you a lot, more than just money.  

Additionally, it’s important never to pour cooking grease in your drains, and they become a slow poison for your pipes. However, if you still have leaks or blocked pipes, do not underestimate the professional plumbers. Following a DIY solution might result in a burst pipe and an unexpected swimming pool inside. 

Panic Situation At Home

Wiring Repairs

 Repairing any house wiring from the mains should be the last thing you attempt following any DIY routine. Following a DIY guide without sufficient knowledge of what you’re dealing with can be extremely hazardous. However, as a homeowner, you can ensure that you are not overloading any sockets. 

If you decide to check out any wirings that you believe you can handle, switching off the power from the service panel is the first step. Sometimes when you turn off the circuit breakers for a specific room or appliance, always keep a non-contact tester to double-check for any live wires. The circuit-breakers are often labeled wrong. 

Panic Situation At Home

Check Your Fire Alarms

Domestic fires spread easily. If the alarm systems are faulty, the chances of survival are greatly reduced. To prevent this, consider testing the smoke detectors and fire alarms once every month to ensure reliability. If the testing fails, detector batteries might need a replacement. However, calling a professional to inspect the alarm systems could save you time and perhaps your life!

Preventing Faulty Connections

We all have that restless engineer soul that wants to break free and open up the circuitry of the unfortunate appliance when it stops working. You assume it’s probably a loose connection that you can fix in no time, and before you know it, you have messed up all the wiring connections. How about leaving the job for the experts here? Sometimes the best option is to do nothing. These appliances are intricately designed and assembled to perform their function. They might never work the same if you end up tweaking the circuit. 

Heating System Maintenance

Work and repair regarding the heating system usually frequently includes cleaning the vents, ducts, and filters. It’s better to ensure cleanliness instead of frantically grabbing blankets and sweaters in a desperate attempt to stay warm when the heating system breaks down. Calling a professional to recheck the system before the onset of extreme winters can save many sick leaves and absences. 

Know Your House Structure

Structural damages are best-taken care of professionally unless you have strong experience with power tools. Attempting to use any drills or grinders without knowing the blueprint of your house may cause structural damages. These damages can result from some underlying water damages within the very foundations of the house that you may never be able to tell. In case of minor impairments, make sure to take all the safety precautions first. 

Clean Up After Maintenance

You can plan to adventure with your auto vehicles by performing routine maintenance tasks like an oil change in your garage. Do not leave any fluid dripping or leaking once you are done. Always keep a fire extinguisher in range in case something goes wrong. A simple tire change routine can become a disaster if your car jack is not properly placed. Never attempt to get under the car while relying on the jack. Remember to get your vehicle inspected by a professional if you feel something wrong. 

Double Check Your Tools

Changing a ceiling bulb can seem like a menial task. All you have to do is climb a ladder and replace it, simple. According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. has the most deaths worldwide resulting from ladder falls. In case of injuries, some can be life-long. Ensure the stability of a ladder before attempting to climb on it. Make sure you are aware of the maximum load the ladder can support. Never stand on the top two rungs as balance might shift. There are plenty of guidelines to follow when climbing a ladder that many overlook. 

Read Instructions Before Using Cleaning Agents

When homeowners get on a cleaning spree, they often take the molds lightly. Some online cleaning tips suggest using Ammonia as a cleaning agent for molds. It is a highly toxic substance. Mishandling a chemical can result in serious and chronic health conditions. Furthermore, cleaning molds without wearing proper protective gear can make you end up inhaling the infection! Use appropriate chemicals or cleaning tools for mold to ensure the surface below is not permanently damaged. However, the health risks involved are too high to attempt this. 

Look Out For Gas Leaks

10- Gas leaks can be fatal. Methane is highly flammable and removes oxygen from the air as well. Never attempt to fix any gas leak on your own. You might end up damaging the gas line that can cost you a fortune! Report the leaks as soon as possible and get them fixed by professionals only. 

In a Nutshell

Prioritize your safety No matter how much of an expert you have become in attempting repair works at home, and safety should always come first. Incomplete knowledge can be dangerous at times. A second opinion on the repair works can save you from a terrible blunder. It’s always better to have professionals come over who can suggest multiple solutions to a problem.