ArcheAge: Tips for Beginners

ArcheAge is an extremely fun game, but only when you know what you’re doing! ArcheAge sets itself apart from other fantasy MMORPGs with its unique class system where everything is based on skill sets. Whereas in a typical MMORPG you may select your Class during character creation, let us say a Rogue or Mage, in ArcheAge, you choose your skill sets. There are ten skillsets to choose from, and you pick one when you start the game, one at level five, and one at level ten.  Let’s have a look at our ultimate list of tips for beginners. 

Pick a Class According to Your Playstyle

In ArcheAge you get to pick three different specializations from a list of 120 classes. This aspect of the game makes for a high level of customization and means in PvP you may frequently be fighting a class you’ve never experienced before. 

Level Up

The higher your level, the stronger your skills will be. This is why it’s important to get leveling as soon as possible so you can hit level 55 as quickly as possible. You can follow the main storyline quests (the green quests) until you’re around level 30, and then you can start on some of the side quests. 

Get Land

Housing and farms are an essential part of the game because they allow you to grow the materials you need for in-game items.  You can also plant materials to later sell on the Auction House. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend too much time planting and crafting, you can always get ahead by buying Archeage Gold online from a trusted game gold site

Join a Guild 

While many MMORPGs are encouraging more solo play, ArcheAge is still all about joining forces with your friends and allies to overcome the challenges of the world. Since this is a highly social game, you must join a guild. You can also get unique rewards from completing Guild specific quests and you don’t want to miss out on these. 

Do Your Dailies

Daily quests are a big deal when it comes to progression. They give Honor, Experience, Infusion, and more. 

Proficiency and Labor

There are 22 proficiencies in ArcheAge and completing tasks within your chosen proficiencies will increase your proficiency level. To complete tasks, you need to use Labor. Proficiencies fall under three categories: Special, Crafting, and Harvesting. It’s important to pick the proficiencies you want to focus on and put most of your attention there. You may be tempted to pick up lots of proficiencies but it’s more important to be at a high skill level in a few rather than a low skill level in many. 

Learn The Trade System and PvP Your Way to Success

Trading is all about getting valuable Trade Packs across different continents to a new location. Delivering Trade Packs can earn you ArcheAge Gold, as well as earn you important crafting components. 

As an open world sandbox, there’s lots of potential for PvP. Some players like PvP more than others, but just be aware that PvP is a core part of the game so it’s something you’re likely to come across. This is especially true when you’re running trade routes where you may come across bandits and pirates. If your server isn’t in a PvP peace period, you may want to bring along some guildies to help you!