Bed Frames: 5 Crucial Aspects To Look For

The bed frame stands out as the foundation of the mattress, and without it, your sleep will be disturbed due to creaking, squeaking, and sliding. It helps in holding the mattress in one place, and for such reasons, you need a bed frame that fits perfectly with the mattress. Along with that, they have the power to change the feel and look of your bedroom. But the best thing about the bed frame is that they will provide you with a bed with a storage facility, where you can keep all your products and items with no issues. 

Important factors to look out for in a bed frame

Bed frames hold a great deal of importance. Many individuals consider bed frames to be just a piece of decoration, but that is not true. It’s because a good-quality bed frame provides support to the weight of the mattress along with long-lasting durability. When you have decided to buy a bed frame, given below are some of the factors that you must look into. 

  1. Slats: The most crucial factor of bed frames is what is unseen. Slats become invisible once the mattress is placed on top of it, but they are something that can make or break a decision. The wider is the distance between the slat, the greater will be the chances of the mattress to experience wear and tear. Slats should not be wider than 2.5cm. 
  2. Box Springs: Box springs consist of a sturdy wooden frame, which is covered cloth and contains springs. The springs help in providing for your mattress, and the wooden structure will deliver a firm base. The only issue that you will experience with the box springs is the air circulation, as they lay directly on the floor, which traps the moisture within the box spring. To avoid this, opt for box springs that come with a bed frame. 
  3. Size of the Mattress: If you love your mattress and wish to keep it, then use the mattress as your sizing guide when you want to upgrade the bed frame. The mattress sizes come in several variations for which you must choose a bed frame after measuring the size of your mattress. 
  4. Compare the Materials: The two most popular materials for a bed frame are metal and wood. Both of them deliver sturdy options, but the only difference between them is their look. But all wooden or metal frames are not the same. You must choose the one that is of the highest quality and ensures durability, will not bend or break easily, and should provide long-lasting service.
  5. Ensure the Quality of the Bed Frame: You want to end up with a bed frame that is of cheap-quality. When you are looking for a bed frame, be sure to inspect its overall quality and craftsmanship. Spending a little more than your budget on a high-quality bed frame will be worth every penny you spend.

 Over to you!

Bed frames are an important part of a bed. When you are looking for a bed frame, make sure to check its quality and the material. Apart from that, you will come across numerous types of bed frames. You must compare the prices and get yourself a bed frame that will match your requirements.