Top Key Trends That Are Helping To Win Online Contests

Nowadays people no longer watch Television they spend maximum time looking at their phone screens. Simultaneously, they’re getting aware of the worth of their data. So, knowing how to grab users’ attention and collect marketing data with full consent has become one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers. To overcome these challenges, the brands are following some new strategies such as offering great rewards, asking to participate in interactive games or contests on social media platforms.

Here are the top key trends that are helping to win online contests:

Recurring sweepstakes to capture leads

There are three digital strategies that every marketer, brand, and agency: inbound, content, and automated marketing. These 3 strategies have a single aim in common, that is the goal is always to attract the user’s attention than to procure their contact info.

Giveaways based on interactions on— social media

The increasing professional approach of social media has pushed brands to create more sophisticated content plans which cover a wide range of social networks and channels including news, entertainment, product highlights, and contests based on interactions on social media. Social media giveaways are easy to launch and highly effective at the same time. On average, giveaways posts have 500% more reach than standard posts.

Social media giveaways combining several networks

Facebook and Twitter have long been the king of the social media kingdom. Now Instagram has become a popular platform and YouTube is catching up fast. If the brands want to succeed, they must have a clear strategy for each platform. Launching the same giveaway on multiple social networks at the same time has been proved effective.

Note: When contestants join for social media giveaways, they show interest to buy real votes for poll to win the prizes.

New audience with contest collaborations

Influencer marketing has been a trend for the past few years. Particularly YouTube and Instagram have allowed the content creators to use their creative abilities to create a community around them. The authentic connection between the influencers and users are attracted to the brands because the users respond more spontaneously to the influencers’ recommendations than to ads. Contests are an easy way to create collaboration with the influencers which eventually help you to reach their audiences.

Engagement on Twitter revives

In the last few years, Twitter has finally achieved its place in the world of social media. People use Twitter to stay updated as the recent changes to the app are mainly focused on highlighting new content. At the same time, many brands have noticed engagement drop on Facebook. So naturally, they’ve started to look for other platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Twitter giveaways based on replies, retweets, or mentions are an effective way to increase engagement and interactions.

The number of prizes per contest increases

The use of digital prizes such as coupons, vouchers, and promo codes is one of the reasons behind increasing the number of prizes per contest. Excitement generates more engagement with the brand and eventually more positive feedback online. Launching a prize engine for contests can help to manage multiple prizes, direct prizes, and discount coupons for participating, voting in contests, or answering surveys. The number of prizes will be increased as you set your mind positively.

Marketing and sales teams need simple tools to incentivize consumers and digital prizes such as promotional codes or gift vouchers are ideal for this purpose. They encourage sales, reward loyalty, and are easy to deliver to winners. The more the number of prizes, the more the users will participate as they will feel that they have more chances of winning a prize.