best iOS apps

Best Apps for iOS to make your iPhone Smarter

The official App Store is updating every day to give the best experience for iOS users. So from over one million app options, how can you pick the best apps for iOS? Making the job easier, here we are going to write on some of the best apps you must have on your iPhone to experience the best. Make sure you fill up your Home screen with the best apps that bring the best use.

When it turns to essential apps for iOS, you will get into the most usual apps like Facebook, Gmail, Messenger, etc. But here on the list, we bring some different option ignoring them as they are already with you and you know about them. So we are trying to give some more options here to make your iPhone working the best. Read on.

best iOS apps

What are the Best Apps for iOS?

Google Maps for iOS Free Download

As to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, everyone should get Google Maps. In fact, that is that essential on any device no matter what. Even if you have the official iPhone navigator “Maps”, you must take Google Maps. Truly Google Maps come with better support on your way while Maps by Apple has caught various problems.

Buffer for iOS Free Download

If you like to be a social media genius, you must try out Buffer app free for iOS. This is quite similar to Hootsuite. With this free app, you can plan posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus based on when it will be effective to post. So if you want to reach the target audience with your posts, this will be useful to give a free trial. And with its feature to see the stats of your posts you can monitor how they work and what needs to have changed.

Moviebox Pro for Free

If you are a movie lover who really loves to watch Movies when you are free, Moviebox Pro is a must-have app. This is a perfect online streaming app that updates with the latest movies, TV series, trailers, TV shows, videos and all. You can watch online or download to watch later as you prefer. And as you can get MovieBox Pro for iOS free, it is really worth rather than making yourself tired searching for movies and things. So give a try if you want to spend your leisure with your favorite movies and TV shows.

Dashlane Free for iOS

Are you an online shopper? Then get Dashlane for free with the best online shopping experience. The app automatically saves the payment and confirmation info. And it lets you have a track on your online spending and easier reach for the receipts. You can Download Dashlane for free. And if you like, you have a premium option that is worth upgrading for.

BillGuard for Free iOS Download

BillGuard is a very smart tool for iOS users to organize their finances well. It shares similar features from primary bank apps but with some more. Simply, it is to help with managing your spending practices.
The app BillGuard is made to keep you aware of unbalanced expenditures and bills. Through the app, you will get notified you frequent charges for services for your ease.

Zillow for iOS Free

If you are looking for a place to live, Zillow is a must-have app.
The app simply goes through all the properties and real estate in the target area, with separate concern about buying to renting. It works exactly to provide you the information that you need to get. It takes you to the property owner’s information or even to the leasing office. And with its simple design, it makes the process easier for anyone. So give it a free try.

Fooducate for Free

Fooducate is a free app that should have on your iOS which helps you to scan the barcode of any food item to know about its rating. The app has graded the food items in the database with respectively its calorie rate to controversial elements, giving you knowledge about what you are going to take. Simply, it teaches the health value of any food item you pick.

Duolingo for iOS Free Download

The world is full of different languages. So you need the right tool here to take you to the target language learning. The app is free to download and helps with learning another language efficiently. We could recommend the app as a premium level language learning app for all iOS users.

MyFitnessPal for Free

The app MyFitnessPal is an amazingly simple fitness app for iOS users that helps you to reach realistic goals. It comes with essentially strict boundaries making you follow it orderly and maintain the health overall. The app has features to track all your meals to keep track of how much calories you have consumed with your meal. And then it will compare the burnt calories helping you to stay fit and in the right shape. So never miss this free app to have on your iOS.

Onavo Extended Free App Download

If you feel like your data usage is not right and needs some more management, this is the free app that you should not miss on iOS. You can have this app for free. This smart data management app could simply track your data usage and notify what makes your plan drained. So if you want to preserve more data on the iPhone, simply turn into Onavo Extended free download.

What do you like the most?

When talking about apps to take on iOS, you would be confused about what to take. But don’t worry as we are here helping you out with the Best Apps for iOS. The notable fact here is all these options are free. So take a look and grab your favorites and turn your iPhone powerful with very useful app downloads. Enjoy the smartphone run with the Best Apps for iOS.