Best Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth is a tricky habit to get under raps, a great way to deter your tendencies for teeth grinding is a mouth guard. Whether you’re a regular at your dental office and you’re undergoing a selection process for your mouth guard or you have found yourself grinding away mindlessly and you think that it is time that you spoke with your dentist about getting a mouth guard fitted, you’re going to want to head into your process as informed as you possibly can be. Here is what you need to know before you proceed with a mouth guard to help relieve your teeth grinding…

What are your options for mouth guards?

Stock: This is a simple no fuss option however it is most commonly used for protection when playing sports or engaging in high impact activities. You’ll find them in small, medium and large styles. They are highly cost effective and accessible. Stock guards will not help with teeth grinding and should not be used for the treatment of such. 

Custom: Dentist fit custom mouthguards are the best option for ongoing teeth grinding issues. This type of guard is fit to your unique smile, making it highly effective for long term results. Your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and use this to create a mouth guard that fits you seamlessly. These can be costly however they are the best option for issues such as teeth grinding. 

Boil and Bite: You can find these easily at pharmacies or sporting goods stores. Boil and bite mouth guards come in one size that you place in hot water, wait until an appropriate temperature and then fit into your mouth and bite down. The guard then moulds to your teeth. 

For protecting your teeth from the bad habit of grinding, you should visit your dentist to get a custom mouth guard fit. 

How do mouth guards help with teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding or regular clenching are referred to as bruxism, which is a condition in its own right. This is a sleep disorder that results in a range of different issues, which can include tooth pain, sore gums, headaches, tension, fatigue and jaw pain. Bruxism may also cause structural damage to your teeth. 

Using a dentist fit custom mouth guard during your sleeping hours will help to keep your upper and lower sets of teeth separated. This separation stops them coming into contact with each other when you go to grind your jaw, meaning that there is minimal risk of damages from the grinding, clenching and overall pressure within your mouth. Custom fit guards are essential for the effective treatment of bruxism. 

How to treat your teeth grinding 

If you are regularly visiting your dentist for frequent check ups and cleans then you will likely be able to start treating your teeth grinding habit with your dental professional right away. If you haven’t visited your dentist recently and you find that you are suffering from the impact of teeth grinding either mindlessly during the day or whilst you are asleep, then it’s high time you booked in with a dentist. They will help you to apply different tactics to minimise mindless grinding as well as fitting you with a custom mouth guard to stop the painful effects of nighttime tension. 

Are you suffering from the negative impacts of teeth grinding? Book in with your local dentist to treat your habit and improve your lifestyle.