Fun Game Apps That Are Retro Inspired

Undeniably, modern video games are stunning and innovative. However, most people miss the classics they used to play as when young. Luckily, though most companies no longer manufacture retro classics, hundreds of fun game apps are inspired by the good old classics. Check out about the beginning of video game history.

Retro Games Color by Number 

Here is a color by number gaming app inspired by the good old retro games. It offers 90+ free characters from 8bit games and older console arcades from the 90s to color by number. 

Additionally, the developer promises a smooth coloring experience – enjoy coloring by number multiple old games free of lag. You can save your art and share it on social media. 


This game app continues to be the most popular gaming app on almost all platforms. The modern version gives one such joy to play, whether you choose to stick to the original block-building gameplay or try newer modes that come with bonuses and extra challenges. 

Furthermore, you can track your progress over time. The graphics are to die for, with catchy soundtracks to match. Though the Tetris game app may not be anything close to the original game, it looks fantastic on mobile phones and tablets. 

It is 100% free to download and play, though you will have to contend with endless pop-up ads. Or you can upgrade your app for $5 to get rid of the interruptions. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

It has been approximately 14 years since the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game debuted on the console screens, making it a retro game. The developers took action back to the protagonist’s home city – Los Santos for the gaming app. 

This app remains one of its kind best with a larger map and a more engaging storyline than its predecessors. It cost $7 for both iOS and Android devices. 

Crazy Taxi Classic 

In this game, your role is relatively straightforward – deliver your passengers to the set destination in the shortest time possible while pulling as many stunts as possible to earn bonus points. 

The app is almost similar to the original game with its high-speeding driving action, booming music, and attractive visuals. What’s more, it retains the original soundtrack by The Offspring and Bad Religion. 

Notably, the app is free with an option to upgrade for $2. You can choose to spice things up by indulging in the assortment of mini-games provides. 

Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic 

The Roller Coaster Tycoon gaming app comes loaded with plenty of unique features, including detailed isometric graphics, deep gameplay, and the challenge of developing the most effective strategies to run the theme park. 

However, the thrill remains in the unbelievable roller coaster designs you get to build. Notably, the app tries to retain most of the 1999 original elements, making it as addictive as ever. You will have to part with $6 to enjoy the game, whether on an Android or iOS device. 


Having read this article, we hope that you now know what gaming apps to download when you feel like reconnecting with the good old times. Though they may not be 100% similar to the original version, they share some undeniable similarities.