Community health is one of the paramount factors to consider in every country. It incorporates all the concerns related to public health, which is of high importance and every citizen’s basic necessity. Health is wealth as without it world means nothing. When we have a healthy life, we can avail of all the benefits of life. But, if our health is not up to the mark, then there is nothing but regrets. Without good health, lives become darker, and all the happiness vanishes from it.

There is no certainty of a healthy life. Nobody knows when any disease infects us. With technology intervening in the field of health, scientists have achieved lots of success. They have found numerous diseases, along with their perfect treatment and cure. Researches and constant struggles of medical professionals are taking community health to new standards.

It’s not an easy task to become a medical professional. It requires a lot of effort to become an excellent public health worker. Students have to go through a challenging academic period to earn this name. As the world is moving towards online education, there are various programs offered by different universities online. If you are planning to have a bright career in the field of public health, it’s high time to do a Master’s in public health. You can learn more about this degree’s perks and how it can add sparkles to your career.  

COVID-19 Issues

In late November of 2019, the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak shook the world. It has affected more than 50 million people around the globe. The world shut down, and everyone was caged in their homes. The dreadful silence on the streets of huge cities shivered souls. It has trembled the countries’ healthcare systems, and loads of challenges have arisen due to COVID-19. It has affected community health, as well. Here are the challenges, along with their solutions involved in improving community health.  

Safety of Public

The first concern that rose with the COVID-19 outbreak was public safety. It became a deadly pandemic that caused the cities to shut down. It is a virus that spreads from person to person. The symptoms usually appear after 14 days and get severe rapidly. There was nothing to test the affected people, but researchers came up with tests that diagnose the virus. It was a great solution. Today, people can get their test results within a day and take measures if they have it. Governments are conducting tests to ensure that people are safe and not spreading the virus. Using a mask, sanitizers, and other standard protocols have played a vital role in controlling this lethal virus’s spread.

Safety of Health Workers

As the virus spreads from person to person contact, the public health workers are standing at the highest risk positions. They have to treat the patients who have the virus. It means they are directly facing death. Their safety became a challenging situation for the countries. To avoid health workers contracting the virus, specially designed personal protection equipment came forward. These PPEs are now useful for health workers in other situations as well. They have become a standard of PPEs. Along with that, public health workers have separate rooms to relax so that their bodies can get adequate rest to perform well. 

Mental Health Issues

With the Coronavirus outbreak, there was a complete lockdown across the globe. The people were not allowed to go out. All the leisure activities, parties, and fun elements outside the house’s four walls were impossible. Staying 24/7 at home started to make people mentally ill. Governments advised staying connected to your social networks. Try to schedule your routine to give your family time, watch informative programs, enhance your skills, and exercise. Children become more demanding during the lockdown. Give them time, teach them useful skills, and look out for positive ways to express feelings.

Physical Health Issues

Being caged in the house for days become a vital factor in losing fitness. People used to walk, work, exercise with all of their hectic schedules. But due to lockdown, people become lazier, and the only work they do is to eat snacks and lie the whole day long. It brings a hike in obesity and dullness. The professionals advised people to exercise daily to avoid any disease attacking them. Although gyms’ closure is a drawback for the fitness freaks, but to keep in shape, keep exercising at home. Motivate your family members to join you, as well. Eat healthy food as it contains all the vital nutrients that fight the germs.  


Health is an angelic present from god to us. We should cherish it because, without it, we can not relish our lives. The coronavirus has brought its wrath upon the health of people. A lot of challenges are present because of it. But due to community health workers and the advancement of science, these challenges have their solutions as well.