Choosing The Best Health Insurance for Your Family

When it comes to living abroad, one of the most critical items you need to maintain is health insurance individuals and families. Even if you are young and have no preexisting health conditions by choosing a good healthcare plan you can be sure you will get the support and help you need when you need it. In this article, We will be providing you with everything you need to know about affordable health insurance plans for individuals and families.

#1: Why Go Private

When choosing between public vs. private health, it usually comes down to a few critical factors, namely, cost, convenience, and wait times. For Hong Kong, the public insurance system is very developed and the cost is affordable to most, however, wait times in the public healthcare system can be exceptionally long. It is also much more difficult to find and get an appointment with an English speaker. Other conveniences that are mitigated include:

  • Access to name brand medications
  • Faster diagnoses
  • Access to a specialist

That just leaves us with the cost. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of private insurance does not have to be prohibitive. You can request a quote and view the various tiers available for the coverage you need.

Next, let’s look at what coverage is available to individuals.

#2: Coverage Options

When choosing Health Insurance Individual and Families you will need to select from a variety of options that reflect where you are in your life. For example, at the basic level, you will have your hospital admission covered and treatments as well.

Here is a look at some other options that provide more coverage:

Inpatient Health Insurance

  • Most Basic Level
  • Pays benefits to the insured if there is a hospital admission
  • Pays for treatment as well as medicine
  • Pre-operative services
  • MRI/CT Scans and other advanced diagnostics

Outpatient Health Insurance

  • The most popular form of coverage
  • Covers all impatient plan benefits
  • Specialist visits
  • Diagnostics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Alternative Support

Maternity Coverage

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Services
  • Emergency C-section and maternity complications
  • Routine check-ups
  • Newborn coverage

#3: Eligibility

Most people are eligible for private health insurance although sometimes you may encounter restrictions based on pre-existing conditions or chronic health issues. Most of these are not covered. This is why it is so critical to get health coverage for you and your family as soon as you can to avoid restrictions. Senior citizens are also eligible for health insurance but buying young means lower premiums as you are generally in a low-risk category.

This also includes, what the medical field considers “negative lifestyle” factors such as smoking or a high-risk occupation.

Trusted Union specializes in difficult cases so don’t give up if you have a chronic or pre-existing condition.

Wrap Up

If you are unhappy with your current public health or have always wanted private health insurance for you and your family now if a perfect time to contact an experienced broker. You can choose from an impressive selection of various health coverages from more basic inpatient care to more advanced outpatient services. If you are starting or growing your family add maternity coverage so everyone can rest assured knowing you are covered. If you have more questions reach out to a trusted broker in Hong Kong today!