Considering Teeth Whitening in Singapore? Here are the 5 Important Questions you Should be Asking

If your teeth are discolored, there are chances you’ll feel embarrassed, smiling at people. You’d even consider not smiling at all.

Unfortunately, that may not sit well with the people around you. Most probably, they’d end up perceiving your lack of smile as rude, emotionless, cold, or even worse, off disrespectful.

People may also perceive you as an unapproachable character, which may only harm your social and personal life. Whitening your teeth could help improve your first impressions.

Here’s a sift probe into essential teeth whitening basics you may want to know: Other than improving your first impression, there are several relatable reasons to whiten your teeth.

What Questions Should I Ask my Dentist?

If you’re contemplating professional teeth whitening in Singapore to boost your self-confidence, make your professional life better, or enlighten your dating life, then we made this quick guide specifically for you. Read along as we explore five essential questions you should ask your cosmetic dentist.

  • What caused stain on my teeth?

As a basic rule of thumb, it would be better to avoid staining your teeth again after your treatment. Therefore, it is recommendable that you be aware of the factors that led to your teeth discoloration in the first place so you can avoid them in the future.

Your cosmetic dentist will basically have an idea about the cause of discoloration on your teeth from the diagnostic tests they’ll recommend, especially if the discoloration came with pain. If the stains on your teeth were due to a previous condition, they would administer appropriate treatments first to address the condition.

Similarly, if the stains were due to lifestyle habits like tobacco use or too much consumption of some beverages, they’ll give you practical guidelines to ditch those habits. That way, it will be easy to maintain your teeth’s brightness for as long as possible. 

  • What should I expect during the teeth whitening session?

Teeth whitening involve bleaching the outer layer of the affected teeth to lighten their color. Ideally, the procedure may not make your teeth sparkling white, but at least it will help get rid of stains on your teeth.

Knowing what to expect will make it easy to psychologically prepare for the patience needed before achieving the desired results. Besides, it also helps you understand the possible risks, so you can make an informed decision on the treatment needs. This is particularly important since the treatment may increase your teeth’s sensitivity, therefore impacting your bite. 

  • How long should I expect the results from this treatment to last?

Ideally, your aim with teeth whitening in Singapore would be to get a treatment that would guarantee a long term result. These treatments are not permanent, though.

With time, you will need occasional touchups to maintain that white glow for as long as possible. Therefore, it would be better to ask your cosmetic dentist how long you can expect the results to last.

Depending on several factors, you can expect the results to last for around six months to two years. Usually, you may need to avoid certain foods or lifestyle habits, so your teeth whitening may last longer.

  • Are there any teeth whitening contraindications that may not make me an ideal candidate for the treatment?

It is important to acknowledge that teeth whitening may not be suitable for everyone. Depending on your current condition or medical history, there are instances when your cosmetic dentist may not recommend teeth whitening.

For instance, you may not be an ideal candidate for teeth whitening if you have gum or crown diseases. This is because there is a risk of the bleaching agents used for this treatment worsening your condition.

You may also not be a good match for these treatments if you’re pregnant. This is because there is a risk of developing pregnancy givingitis. This is a condition that’s known to cause gum inflammation and majorly occurs due to hormones released during pregnancy. The bleaching agents used for teeth whitening may only worsen it.

  • Can I see some of the before and after pictures of patients you’ve helped in the past?

It would also be better to ensure that you get a skilled cosmetic dentist, so you’re assured of quality results from this treatment. Now, one of the most surefire ways of validating your cosmetic dentist’s skills is by checking some of the results from the patients they’ve helped in the past.

Other than the before and after pictures, you may also need to check the practitioner’s reputation and qualification. It would be better to work with board-certified cosmetic dentists for your cosmetic dentistry needs.

For reputation, you can check the reviews of the cosmetic dentist clinic on independent review sites like Google and, in this case, DoctorxDentist to review your dentist’s reputation.

Final Word

Knowing important questions to ask your doctor will make it easy for you to get custom-tailored teeth whitening treatments for your needs. At the Dentist@Orchard Pte Ltd, our warm and welcoming team of dentists is always willing to answer any question you may want clarification on. Call us now to set up an appointment with a board-certified dentist for teeth whitening in Singapore.