Corona Virus Updates in USA

The outbreak of COVID-19 initially took place in Wuhan, China and by now has been recognized in high growth in locations all over the world. And that includes the United States reporting a considerable number of coronavirus cases. More than 120,000 people worldwide have recovered completely from COVID-19 when we find more than 23,000 people have died and continued. While Italy reported the highest death toll taking over China, reporting more than 8,200 deaths in number, we find Corona Virus Updates in the USA under a considerable rate. Will Corona Virus Updates in the USA lead the biggest Coronavirus outbreak in the world?

Corona Virus Updates in the USA in brief

  • Total cases reported: 85,914
  • Total deaths as per the date: 1,293

The number of cases and total deaths are at a high rate of growing day by day. So these are the statistics as per the date.

Corona Virus Updates in the USA- At a high risk

The number of cases reported on COVID-19 remains to grow in the USA making the vice president, Mike Pence to administer the US response towards the coronavirus outbreak. And this is confirmed Pandemic by the World Health Organization marks its deadly impact globally.

Up to now, 80% of patients of all reported cases involve in a minor form of the infection. We could detail it as fever and pneumonia taking no much consideration ongoing through medical interference taking them under minor consideration. And the elderly people who are also with core conditions require more attention as diabetes or heart, lung conditions as they are the most susceptible to COVID-19. In China, the death rate for Corona Virus counting people who are elderly is more than 72,000 in number, which was 14.8% from all reported.

The USA has more cases over other countries

It is pathetic to see the USA has beaten China and Italy continuing to report more than 82,000 cases as per the Johns Hopkins’ count on the current scenario. All these results of a high number of cases and deaths are due to the lack of early action. If the actions are taken with no delays in the whole status in regard to the Corona Virus Updates in the USA would not be blamed.

And even during a Coronavirus Task Force updating, Donald Trump has spoken disbelief at the news about the USA at the worst hit by the pandemic. And here Trump was condemning China off for giving out false data to the public

Trump was constant on carrying the idea that the US could look over the physical distancing procedures for about two weeks, regardless of taking cautions over public health. What he believed was that would make the situation dreadful. What he said was until more guidance comes, stay home, and be relaxed.

What is more about Corona Virus Cases in the USA?

As stated Corona Virus cases in the USA have come at the top of all the cases in China and Italy. So with count to the current curve of reported cases, this would probably end up making the US the midpoint of this global pandemic.

The USA has reported its first coronavirus case on January 20 and it has developed so rapidly making more than 1,200 people victims from the disease.

And we find most of the new cases in the USA from major cities. From the main cities like New York and New Orleans, the tightly packed human population highly increases the virus spread. And as to the authorities, the patients with the virus-infected could beat hospital facilities and capacity to treat contributing to a rising death count.

To break speedy virus’ spread, we find the USA is under some form of lockdown. So People are only supposed to leave their homes for essential needs like to visit grocery shopping and take care of the fundamental needs. So it seems strict quarantine measures are required over the USA in order to halt the spread of this deadly virus. At a time China is returning to normal, we find the USA so long to go with Corona Virus Updates in the USA.