Covid 19 USA- The Latest Updates

The ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) was started centered in Wuhan, China and has developed to be a global issue. As with the confirmed statistics, the biggest impact of this Coronavirus Pandemic is turning towards the United States of America. Ever since the first case confirmed in January 2020, Covid 19 USA has most confirmed active cases going up in the world ranks in concerned total victims. So where will be Covid 19 USA in the next few days? What will be the response from the USA government towards the break of COVID-19 speedy run?

The start of Covid 19 USA

The very first case of COVID-19 in the USA was confirmed on January 20, 2020, in a 35-years old man. This person has returned from Wuhan, China, about five days earlier. It was 29th January 2020 when the White House Coronavirus Task Force established. And then, Donald Trump’s study on the case also confirmed a public health emergency line together putting restrictions on people coming from China. But the lack of early action on the matter and taking the most required restrictions is blamed here for the viral spread of Covid 19 USA threatening all over the country. The biggest impact is clear on major cities like New York, and New Orleans reporting a vast number of active Coronavirus cases. In fact, nearly half of all reported Covid 19 USA is from New York City.

Reshaping Lives of USA

Through the country, the novel coronavirus has changed the usual lives of people. A considerable number of country states and cities are now ordered residents to stay inside only taking essentials from outside.  It has already influenced more than 100 million people from California, New Jersey, Delaware, Atlanta, Hawaii, Indiana, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas City, and St. Louis County together with more as with USA Today reported. More than 46 states have almost closed all the public schools for weeks with no dates suggested reopening. The USA is now encouraging social distancing just like many other countries do declare a national emergency by President Donald Trump. Covid 19 USA is reshaping the lives of USA. But still do not know how and when as it seems the USA going to be the center of this Covid 19 outbreak.

How to protect yourself from Covid 19 USA?

As to the facts World Health Organization so far came out with, the new coronavirus has R0 (contagion metric) of 2 and 2.5 rate. So this simply to say an infected person could pass the virus on two people easily. So at such a case, social distancing is very important to halt the spread of this deadly virus. In additionally self-quarantine, here are some important facts to consider in keeping you distant from Covid 19 USA.

  • Use soap or any disinfecting liquid and clean your hands in every time possible
  • If you cough or sneeze, make sure you cover your face. If not, use a tissue when cough or sneeze and dispose of them separately. And for not spreading illnesses to the ones nearby, cover your mouth and nose using your elbow
  • Prevent touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and face
  • Make sure you clean the surfaces and objects once you give a touch

Symptoms for Covid 19

Accordingly what WHO has revealed out, there are some symptoms that would come confirming Covid 19 USA and need consideration under medical support. As you might have already aware, the common symptoms of COVID-19 are high fever, dry cough, and tiredness. And depending on the different conditions of the patients could probably experience aches, and pains, sore throat, nasal blocking, a runny nose, or even conditions like diarrhea. For a very little crowd, vomiting has also come as a symptom of COVID-19.  For elderly patients who are under high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes or any other health condition could probably develop the illnesses into severe conditions. So if any of these conditions are exposed, make sure you take the medical inspections as required.

After a massive battle, China is turning into its usual prospects. But with Covid 19 USA peaked in, we find no end to this Pandemic. We expect the USA to move into strict quarantine measures in combatting Covid 19 USA.