Woolworths Weekly Special Will Help You Get the Best Food and Grocery Deals

There are lots of supermarkets where you can buy food and groceries, so shopping for these items is fun. However, you’ll not find a better weekly offer for edibles than Woolworths Weekly Specials.

In this article, we’ll show you reasons you wouldn’t want to miss Woolworth’s weekly specials, as well as why there’s so much fuzz about the items listed on it.

What’s Woolworths Weekly Special?

Woolworth is a store that deals primarily with foodstuff and groceries, and it releases a catalog for its customers every week. First opened in 1924, the store is one of Australia’s well-known places to shop, and there haven’t been signs of that status changing anytime.

Woolworths weekly specials are full of all the discounted products and fantastic deals customers need, and they have become trendy in Australia. If you aren’t quick enough, you might just miss out on the beer and wine, snacks, fruits and vegetables, pastries and lots more that are offered at affordable rates.

As expected, Woolworths released it’s Weekly Special a couple of days back. On it, you can save half the price by getting Cadbury milk gift for $6, cupcakes for $3.50, and lots of other cool items.

Here are reasons why you wouldn’t want to miss out on Woolworths weekly specials every week:

  1. Items on these weekly specials are very cheap: Many popular stores up their prices because they know people will end up getting something regardless of the price. Woolworths is not one of such stores because its weekly specials contain discounted items you’ll love. Like Peter McNamara, Woolworths Director of Buying said in an interview ‘ … Specials are only a great deal for that individual week, and we are increasingly focused on delivering fairer and more consistent prices every week.’
  2. 2. You’ll find almost every item you need on it: Woolworths weekly specials contain almost every item you can think of. And with the extra help of highlighting them in its catalog, you wouldn’t have to dig deep before you get the best specials deal.
  3. You can find bundled items on weekly specials: Bundled items make shopping much easier. They’ll save you the stress of buying each item individually, and you’ll find quite a lot of them on Woolworths weekly specials.

What foods supply the nutritional requirements to stay healthy and keep fit?

To stay healthy and keep fit, you need to eat the right foods that contain your nutritional requirements. However, these requirements change with life stages. So, what type of food should you be eating?

  1. 1. Food for babies aged 6-months old and below: Within their first six months, babies triple in weight and double their lengths. At this stage, breastmilk supplies most of the required nutrients. However, you may also give them pureed meat or strained vegetables.
  2. 2. Food for babies between 6 to 12 months old: At this stage of development, breastmilk should still be your baby’s source of almost all their nutritional requirements. However, solid foods should be given to cater for developmental needs. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and poultry can be introduced. You can also give your child foods that are rich in zinc and iron-like cereals, legumes, etc.
  3. Food for children: The needs of children depend on their growth and the physical activities they engage in. So, to avoid food-related problems like tooth decay, overweight, and obesity, children should be given foods rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. You can also give them healthy snacks and animal foods like eggs, fish, and dairy. 
  4. Food for children close to their teenage years: At about 12 to 13 years of age, most children are about to enter their teenage years. So, their nutritional requirements have to change from that of children. They’ll be involved in a lot of physical activities, but it isn’t a good idea to fill them with fast food. Healthy snacks can be included in their meals, and you can balance it out with vegetables, lean meats, cereals, and fruits. Milk products are also good for children of these ages. 
  5. Food for teenagers and young adults: It is important that teenagers and young adults eat balanced meals to cater for their nutritional requirements. Therefore, foods like potatoes, beans, fish, eggs, rice, and other pasta should be included in their meals. Also, young adults and teenagers should eat other foods that are rich in iron and calcium.
  6. Food for Older People: Most people eat less food as they grow old. Nevertheless, your diet should still include enough variety of foods. Older people should limit salty and low nutrients foods like sweet biscuits and soft drinks. Instead, you should go for high-fiber foods because they’ll help bowel movements. Also, older people should eat nutrient-dense foods like legumes, liver, fish, and lean meats.
  7. Food for Pregnant Women: Pregnant women should not only concentrate on nutrients but also their kilojoule intake. During pregnancies, there are increased requirements for vitaminB12, iron, and folate. Therefore, foods like salmon, sweet potatoes, lean meat, fish liver oil, and legumes should be included in diets. On the other hand, raw fish and eggs, undercooked meat, or caffeine should be avoided during pregnancies.

Woolworths is the best place to get these food items to cater to the nutritional requirements of each category. You’ll easily find these foods on Woolworths weekly specials, and most of them will be discounted. 

In Conclusion

Woolworths is a great supermarket to get the best food and grocery items in Australia. However, it can be tasking going through all the items before you get what you want. Moreover, even after picking the food you need, the price may turn you to other options.

Woolworths weekly specials help to avoid all these problems by highlighting the most affordable and healthy foods for you. You definitely won’t want to miss out on such an amazing offer!